Episode 7: Tears Of A Clown

Blog disclaimer: This episode of Survivor may bring up strong feelings and opinions of viewers. As always with our WORTH PLAYING FOR take on Survivor we aim to be light hearted. Please be aware that our response to tribal council will not be a comedic one.


Sandra’s gone. Tai goes to his usual pre-recorded script of why he lost his mind at tribal. His efforts at explaining his brain fade over throwing Ozzy’s name up doesn’t seem to wash. However, like most returning player seasons it seems being open and honest about votes is okay! Debbie is smug due to the fact that no one knows she spoke with Cochran on Exile Island and that she has an extra vote up her lobster breeding sleeve.


Nuku unwrapping their new player only to discover it’s Debbie!

For those playing at the home here is the lay of the idol/advantage land…

Tai – 2 x Hidden Immunity Idol

Troyzan – 1 x Hidden Immunity Idol

Debbie – 1 x Extra Vote Advantage

Sierra – 1 x Legacy Advantage & 2 x Eyebrow Advantage

With the moon glistening Zeke reassures Varner that there is still hope. Varner likes the sound of this. There seems to be a mini bond and respect between these two.


Keeping options open


Reward is for Pizza. With some fragile minds at current and hunger at major highs this will be an important one. Long story short… Nuku wins the carbo loading and bloated stomachs.


Hand over the Pizza Probst!


Emotions are flowing at Mana with everyone commenting on how the game takes its toll on you. What strikes me as another tell-tale sign that Culpepper either wins or comes runner up in that the edit shows him crying! Antiques, WWMD and now CRYING! Hmmm… what other polarising male contestants have we seen cry and win before? Tyson, Tony, Mike, Adam and Jeremy spring to mind! Foreshadowing?



Water obstacles plus a puzzle… will the over consumption of pizza come back to haunt Nuku? Yes it does! Mana successfully spell METAMORPHSISISISISISISIIISSISIS on the buoy ball spelling bee and Nuku are headed to tribal… PS. Cirie dodges yet another Tribal! I look forward to more CHANGING themed challenges such as tribes building a cocoon and then lighting a fire underneath it to release the immunity butterfly!


Immunity up for grabs


Varner sets his sights on ousting Ozzy. Not a bad idea as the trend of the season has been big threats going first. The snag in the plan is that Zeke, getting the honesty guilts, informs him that as much as he will do everything to save him, it’s not looking great. Varner being the cunning player that he is finds an opening. He scurries off to turn the tide against Zeke, spilling to Sarah and Andrea that they told Zeke they were going to lie to Varner. Varner’s selection of words and information leaking was well placed. Sarah doing her best dumb criminal buys it hook line and sinker! Either way Varner is throwing enough shade to raise genuine concerns about Captain Jack Sparrow and Zeke’s strategic relationship.

TRIBAL * A reminder that this will not be a comedic recount of events


Tribal kicks off with Varner declaring he is certain that he is the next to go and then proceeds to throw all of his thoughts out on the table. Varner is making a great case until he asks Zeke why he hasn’t informed everyone that he is transgender. Zeke is silent. Probst is stunned. The onlooking Nuku throw out a number of different emotions; anger, disbelief and disgust. Probst does his best to unpack things and the majority try to unpack that Varner is misplaced and wrong in his outing of Zeke.

Varner apologises and states he only said it because he believed Zeke was out and proud. Zeke handles the situation with class and understanding. He doesn’t ask for sympathy and his demeanour and response to a challenging situation is admirable. Survivor once again does not discriminate, it encourages social discussion and understanding.

There is no need for a vote. Varner is clearly upset and realises the error of his words. Varner and Zeke hug on his exit.


I hope this episode is remembered for the right reasons, one of them being that Zeke is a role model for all on how to handle oneself with dignity despite conflict and that all youth, regardless of their gender, sexuality or identity can look to others for guidance and strength in being comfortable in their own skin.

Craig Confession

Have a listen to Craig’s insight on the entire episode and the impact the game can take on your mind, body and soul.

Phoebe Confession

Having tuned into Craig’s podcast with Ryan, I feel compelled to echo his sentiments re the aftermath of a Survivor experience. The game significantly impacts every player for a long time after it ends. It stays with you, most certainly.  Earlier in this episode, we hear Aubry recollect her post-game experience following the first time she played and it really stood out to me. There is notable relevancy in that scene. It tells us, the audience, that this game really does impact the player’s realities after all is said and done. It really does take you places, especially emotionally (even if you’re trying to devoid yourself of all emotions for games sake). I know this to be true for myself and for many of my close friends that have played. This scene very powerfully foreshadows tribal council in that we are reminded by the players themselves how tough this game is, how deeply it affects us as people. It reinforces that we’re more than just a bunch of players in an incredible, yet crazy game.
I have never been moved to tears whilst watching Survivor before this episode. How utterly devastating for everyone involved. I cannot imagine the difficulties faced by both parties in the 9-10 months since the incident and the continued way in which this will affect their lives moving forward. Before going on Survivor, I can say that I personally  underestimated the extent to which I would be making myself subject to public perception. I was so excited to play the game that I have loved for so long that I didn’t even really consider that I’d be inviting social opinion into my life. I consider myself to be extremely resilient but there were days where it really struck me. People really do say unkind things in public forums. I think they forget they’re not talking about a character and that there’s a real person on the other end of it. I say this not to turn attention to my experience but rather to demonstrate deep empathy and I implore everyone in the community to adopt empathy too. Empathy for everyone involved. I can say without a doubt the toll of an experience such as this would be more taxing than any of us could imagine. So it’s important for all of us to extend love and support to everyone involved. No judgment, just forgiveness and love.




Episode 6: Careless Whisper


Aubry is startled. Sandra said it was personal booting JT, it would be strange to see her change her emotional game play now. Aubry belives she needs to learn from Sandra to advance in the game… or perhaps Aubry you could just keep doing nothing and find yourself at the end?


Tai goes looking for the idol late at night, the clue is outrageous and tells him he needs to wet a board, what on earth? He does so at the water well and starts digging. After finding the hidden anchor logo, just add water! He finds it! Tai declares that he is not in rush to play it. DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!

just add water.jpg

Producers will now hide idols in Mermaids as Tai keeps finding them too easily

Craig Confession

Tai Tai Tai. OMG how lucky can this little man be? 3 idols is amazing. PS Luved the water/symbol/wood scenario. I do love how Tai has the balls to consider not playing his idol at Tribal. It’s like he is an idol finding machine and has this 6th sense to not play his idols. We saw it in Kho Rang and we are seeing it again. He is like a little idol buddha.


No JT, shocked faces, Culpepper grimaces. No challenge! Everybody drop yo buffs!

new tribes.jpg

Team Loud Shirts is no longer… sheds tear

Orange will be Mana, Blue will be Nuku… Survivors cautiously open there parcels… Debbie has nothing! Debbie has no tribe, she is in the middle! TRIBE DEBBIE! Tai rejoices that three gay men are together, Varner, Zeke and him just in case you had been living under a rock.

zeke varner tai.gif

Tai, Zeke and Varner celebrate

NuMana is Troyzan, Michaela, Cirie, Sierra, Hali, Aubry and Culpepper

NuNuku tribe is Sandra, Sarah, Varner, Andrea, Zeke, Tai and Ozzy

Then there’s NuDebbie… going to Exile Island!

The good news – she will join her new group at the end of tribal council (the losing tribe) and can’t get voted out, bad news is that she can’t form bonds. Debbie says in her youth her and a pony would travel off alone together…


I can only imagine this is what was running through Culpepper’s head…


And Debbie’s response!

“Games changed again” says Probst in some weird hick creepy voice. Probst is playing better than everyone at current.

Craig Confession

Drop your Buffs. Yeeaahhhh. And we have the signiture “Im Scared” from our one and only Sierra Dawn Thomas. She cops a good eye roll from me. I bet she is having a sookie la la over “please dont take my Culpepper away” eeeehhh because HEAVENS you might have to play Sierra Dawn Thomas. And what the hell is she doing now? OW saying Jeff’s lines, I see, now she cops a FFS SHUT UP MOLE! Luv the 3 Gays on a tribe, now there is an Alliance. Of course Debbie is going to be fine on exile, she has her own exile island back home…


Troyzan’s hair is out of control, as is his excitement for making it to a new tribe, some people get all the luck!

troy hair.jpg

Get that man a comb!

Brad starts the counting game again, careful Brad!

brad counting.gif

Make it stop

He is worried that he seems to know no one but Sierra, but sees an in with Troyzan as he played with Monica. He also correctly notices that they are the only men on the tribe… Great work Columbo!


WWMD pondering his next move

Troyzan and WWMD bro it out and Troyzan doesn’t want to be bamboozled by women again as he has nightmares of One World, don’t worry Troyzan we still have nightmares too.

one world nightmare.jpg

Why won’t the pain go away?

Craig Confession

Does Troyzan know what is going on? Besides continuing to blab about his idol, it doesn’t seem like he does. I also feel a foreshadow coming along. The amount he talks about his idol and how he is ok because of it, I can see him going home with the idol in his pocket. I hope it’s the women that take him out, lol!

Second fore shadow, is the Culpepper and Sierra Dawn Thomas alliance, which is now + Troyzan. Should we say end game? Or is it building to a massive episode to come where an alliance breaks apart?


Varner knows he and Sandra are on the outs as it’s all Tavua plus Tai. Sandra ain’t scared, but she knows that she must keep calm, “the Queen stays blah blah blah blah blah blah blah”. Zeke wants her out. Ozzy and Zeke get giddy about creating stories to blindside Sandra. Andrea agrees that Tai is the perfect decoy.

trick zeek.gif

Zeke and Ozzy are over the moon with their dastardly illusion plan

Zeke confides in Tai that Sandra is first to go, but he worries that Tai could get wind and flip.

tai zeek.jpg

Zeke and Tai rocking the Mannequin challenge

Tai is one smart cookie as he wants to look for another idol. He thinks that there might be another idol in the same place… HE GETS ANOTHER IDOL! HE HIDES THE WOODEN PLANK SYMBOL. I LOVE TAI! He is so nervous with all of this power. He has found three idols already and we aren’t even at the merge.

tai idol three.gif

Tai counts his idol finding numbers…

Craig Confession

Never Never get enough of Varner. Please Make it far Jeff, at least to the Jury. Zeke. I dont know why but I laughed when he said “They loose the Million dollars to Sandra Diaz Twine” He is good at subtle. Making people think they are making the decisions after he has planted the seed. He has his head screwed on and is so right about the Queen Sandra.

Um what happened to Andreas jeans? Are they attached at all? they look like CFMBoots. Did anyone else notice that?


Debbie is as flat as the violins being played, she will be exiled on a ship… hang on, it looks like a bloody cruise! It is a private fortress of solitude. She feasts in true Gollum fashion.


Debbie’s ‘EXILE’ is tough conditions

Hang on… there’s a boat approaching, is that Jeff? It’s John Cochran!!!!!!! The neurotic Survivor God. He is here as a sounding board. Cochran is alrady playing better than Debbie in 5 seconds in Fiji.

cochran arrives debbie gollum.jpg

Cochran arrives just in time before Debbie’s decent into madness

Cochran tells her to mend fences with Brad and to pander to people, that will win her the game. He then gives her an advantage option. She has three options… fake hidden immunity idol kit, extra vote or tribe challenge advantage… she takes the extra vote.

debbie advantage.jpg

Debbie can’t hide her excitement

As much as it sucks that Debbie got this incredible reward, well done to the producers for this incredible idea!

debbie cochrane.png

Cochran – “Just do the opposite of every single thought you have”

Craig Confession

I like that Exile is on a boat. Will it stay that way? I think so, but how sweet would just different and random Exile’s be? Or they alternate between the boat and a beach so if Exile stays in play and the same person is continuosly sent it’s still a gamble.

I like the “Game Changer” aspect of choose your advantage, but the whole Cochran thing was weird. What was the point of that? I know the whole give Debbie some pointers aspect but why?

I also love how Debbie is so in awe and chatty and smiling and then just bursts into sobbing that the past 2 weeks have been so hard. Didn’t she just finish sitting there saying she was dandy and in a great position? Now the question is, will Debbie lose her shit and tell everyone exactly what Exile was about?


Zeke and Varner are bonding, Zeke see’s value in Varner down the track but first he must lie to him to convince that Tai is going home. Varner buys it straight up. Varner doesn’t trust it completely but he doesn’t have a choice. Sandra sniffs around Varner, she is happy it isn’t her but she doesn’t think this adds up. Sandra stop calling yourself the Queen.

sandra andrea.jpg

Sandra pretending everything is okay

Craig Confession

I really hope Zeke works with Varner. My ideal would be Varner, Zeke and my Queen Cirie.


There’s water involved… I am backing Ozzy’s tribe. Dive into water, race through monkey bars, lift heavy puzzle pieces, pull them in a sled to shore, then three tribe members solve a barrel puzzle.

monkey barrel.jpg

The Barrel Full of Monkeys Immunity Challenge

NuMANA take an early lead, they get to the pieces first and start hauling them along, but NuNUKU start closing the gap. As they enter the strength section the game balances out. Michaela is a beast! NuMANA Sierra, Cirire and Aubry are on the puzzle. NuNUKU Zeke, Ozzy and Sandra…. Wait…. NuMANA have won! Lighting quick assembly. Puzzle smashed early.

Will it be Sandra? Or will shit turn crazy? Varenr is certain it’s Tai unless he pulls out an idol.

Craig Confession

Thank god Mana won, my Queen Cirie is safe yet again. Is she now the only one that still hasn’t gone to Tribal?


Tense times. Silence around camp. Zeke knows this is the time to get rid of Sandra. Sandra feels like something could go wrong. So she gets to work. She raises the Kaoh Rong three. A good argument.


In the driver’s seat

Sandra says she will protect the strong. Sarah knows that Sandra is grooming them, wow, what a choice of words. I suppose she is a criminal now anyway. Ozzy does think that Tai is a threat. Tai notices that he isn’t being spoken too. He is nervous. Tai makes the mistake of blurting to Varner in front of Ozzy that Sandra will go. Never make Mr Arrogant Ozzy angry Tai. Sandra wants to twist things at tribal. Tai thinks he will be safe as he has two idols…. How will he play this?

tai 1 idol.jpg

He might need to use one Idol

Craig Confession

Gosh Sandra is good. But you all know that. Working her magic is just great to watch. Sarah hits the nail on the head when she said “it feels like she is grooming us, she is calm, her voice never raises and she just starts to suck you in”.


NuDebbie enters. Yawn. Andrea and Ozzy say they are debating about who goes, Ozzy does his usual acting that everyone sees through. Sandra declares that she is the one going. Tai says he is also worried and paranoid. He just hopes he is safe. Sarah has heard names and she thinks some are still open to changing their vote! Tai and Sandra whisper!!!!! Varner whispers too. It’s Ozzy as the new boot! Tai then blurts Ozzy must go to everyone. Now everyone whispers that Tai should go. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?


I am on the edge!

Zeke then says how can he trust Tai? No one seems to want to go with Tai. Will he play the idol?? Sandra gets super cocky and says she will bury Tai as she votes. Play the idol you Tiny Gorgeous Buddha!!!

jeff idol.jpg

Idol anyone?

Does anyone want to play an idol? NO! Tai just sit on his hands! AHHHHHHHHHH! Votes are read: TAI, TAI, SANDRA, SANDRA, SANDRA and SANDRA! GONE! GONE! GONE! No more Queen talk.

sandra boot.png

After 94 days, two wins, it is all over

What the hell happened? How did Tai survive after pulling that stunt? Or are the editors holding something back?

Sandra was a wrecking ball this season, knocking out whoever she wanted and in my opinion improving her reputation as a player, seemed to make more moves this time around as compared to past seasons. It is refreshing to see Sandra humble in defeat.

Craig Confession

Another great tribal, and Sandra almost pulled it off. Using Tai’s paranoia and as soon as he tells her a name she tells everyone hahahahahaahah and then let Tai just dig his own grave. 94 DAYS and never snuffed. Tears.







Episode 5: Sugar Wars – The Empire Strikes Back

An uneventful episode where the biggest applause must go to the editors. Due to the dull nature of this one we are going to spend more time going over how the players are fairing after the recap!


Debbie goes ape shit crazy over WWMD’s leadership. I am completely and utterly confused over this sudden flip out, as is everyone on the island.

debbie mad.png

Tai and Debbie argue over how many real professions she has had

Tai, the only person seemingly waiting to play looks for another idol and snags a clue! He stashes in his shoe and vows to search later. Go you little bald malnourished Buddha of greatness!

tai idol.gif

Give this man a medal!

Craig Confession

DEBBIE BWHAHAHAHHAHAAHAH Omg here comes the Crazy lady. PRAISE JESUS. “I was a gymnast for 10 years”, her push ups, and her demonic face. OMG and then to point out how she thinks Hali sucks. It takes balls to lose your cool in survivor due to the possible repercussions, but God it’s great.

Culpepper. Well well well, is this some of the Dominant Brad taking over as we have seen in his previous game? It does seem like he likes to be in charge and frankly it looks like everyone is simply allowing him to do it, draws the target to his back not theirs.


Sandra is painted out to be some superhuman manipulator by eating all of Nuku’s sugar and blaming it on Michaela. All as a ruse to cause disharmony between JT and everyone else. NEWSFLASH he has always on the bottom! The major focus on Sandra’s game can only mean she doesn’t make the merge, giving us all the highlights before her boot.

jt sugar.jpg

JT guarding his sugar

JT knowing he is toast looks for and FINDS the idol! Go JT! He says to the camera that the idol will keep him in the game, let’s hope.


Wise words


At Tavua they just keep rolling along, Sarah blabs on again about being a criminal this time around, so she does what all good criminals would do and tries to team up with another idiot… enter Troyzan!

sarah and troy.jpg

Sarah and Troyzan… The Sandy Bandits


Similar to the reward challenge Debbie yaps on for the entire challenge about how awesome she is, this time though she abuses her fellow tribe mates with passive aggressiveness… hang on, what’s the opposite of passive? Let’s just say she is OVERTLY aggressive! Insane.


Culpepper reflects on his approach to Debbie…

In a tight finish Mana gets over the line first and it’s down to JT and Ozzy to fight it out. Ozzy narrowly defeats JT in the familiar game of catapult a bag into a series of wooden bobo dolls.


Heading into tribal there isn’t much to think about, and as usual, the non challenge beasts in Sandra and Varner are making all the decisions! It’s either Michaela or JT, more to the matter I can’t see how JT isn’t voted for, it’s all leading up to that one nail biting question… will JT plays his idol?


JT has his mind solely on the sugar crisis!


Tribal is about as invigorating as an Enya album, not even Jeff can make this interesting. JT appears to believe that Michaela is going home and everyone bar Aubry appears to know what is going on.


Don’t let this faces fool you, they can’t stand Enya

Prompted by Probst (what a great band name that would be?) JT choses… NOT TO PLAY HIS IDOL. Dear Probst he is a goner. The votes are cast, Michaela receives 2, JT gets the majority of 3. Surprisingly, Sandra admits to eating the sugar, will her ego come back to bite her? Sandra struck back this week, not happy with JT’s movement with Brad.


Bitter sweet

Hats off to JT for coming back and changing his style of play. Ironically the lack of nous in idol play was his demise again. He will be missed.


With 15 Survivors left we take a look at each tribe before the upcoming swap. Which leads to a few interesting question; Will it be two tribes or three? Are they brining back Exile Island and who the hell is this returning player the promo speaks of?

TAVUA – Craig Confession

Another episode where we don’t really see much from Tavua. Why? Well obviously as they keep winning there is more pressing matters of the other tribes scrambling. Personally I am loving Tavua’s winning streak. It keeps my Favs away from the potential chopping block. 5 People who are yet to go to tribal Council by day 15 and they are all in Tavua, so some might say the game hasn’t fully begun for Tavua yet, and that can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Very little form the Tavua tribe this week as focus was all over Sugagate, but here we go.


I haven’t seen much from Andrea, besides an exchange with Troyzan, a narrative confessional and the GASP that Malcom went. That’s the downside of a winning team to the viewers, you don’t get to see them. Performed great in the challenge. Andrea looks to be doing a little bit of going under the radar. I think she is a lot calmer than Caramoan, where early on she started to go all paranoid. Maybe that is to come once she starts having to go to Tribal, or maybe she has learnt from past mistakes. I feel like I am waiting for a Spider to pounce, or the Cat about to swat a play toy.


Still eeehhhhh! But with his Idol Troyzan is going to be set up for a little while at least, well if he is smart enough to use it when required. I don’t however see him pulling a Tai and giving it to someone else. Still on the outs and viewed that way by the rest of his tribe, I believe Sarah is simply using him for his ties on the other tribes for the merge.


“This time I am playing like a Criminal” Sarah keeps going on and on about her new “Criminal” way of playing. Is she trying to justify to herself that it’s ok to play dirty? Besides approaching Troyzan to work with him, and pretty much threatening him, Sarah is simply lucky to be on a winning tribe.

sarah control.jpg

Sarah holds her own fate in her shifty criminal like hands


Zeke hasn’t required to start hardcore playing yet. Simply laying foundations and getting prepared. Still in a good position as he is not viewed as a threat and there are larger targets around him. I like the position Zeke is in.


Dominating in challenges as expected which is keeping Tavua winning rewards and away from Tribal Council. I still think Ozzy will be gone early Merge and only is around due to his team challenge prowess. His old ally JT is gone, so he will have to re-group his numbers. I think Ozzy’s only option is to be a “Shield” which is obviously not his choice, or team up with the likes of Culpepper to help defend the physical threat aspect.


Thank gosh for the winning streak, my Queen is still in the game. It looks like the Ozzy and Cirie past game has dwindled a little, or we simply have not seen it. Cirie is going to be very happy that JT has left the game, however with JT Being the first former Nuku tribe member to go, My Queen still has people left in the game that didn’t want to play with her, lets hope new tribe dynamics helps this, I mean it looks like Debbie would happily come back and work with her. I would love to see some interaction between Sandra and Cirie. Still in hot water, I just hope her luck holds out for at least a few more weeks.

MANA – Evo Confession


WWMD is currently dominating. Winning challenges. Forming strong alliances. In charge of every vote. Give this man his ticket to the final three now. Ride his coat tails people!


Buffs off to Tai. He is playing hard and as opposed to Tony, trying to keep it under wraps. Can Tai win this season? Probably not unless he gets close enough to go on a challenge run. Likely to make it far if he keeps his hustle up.


Safe as houses at current. The swap could mean things get a bit dicey for her as she is in that awkward spot of ‘not doing much, not a threat so let’s throw the votes at her to hurt Brad’s game’.


Yawn. Watch her ruin someone’s game come merge time.


Poor Debbie is struggling mentally out there, her days are numbered if her approach doesn’t change.

debbie nutes.gif

Lobster breeding is very common

NUKU – Evo Confession


The highlights reel keeps on keeping on. Now that she has removed the last remaining previous winner in JT (surely a bucket list for her heading in) will she look to take out runner ups? Sandra’s a tough one, her ego is what fuels her game but, after three seasons it is bound to be her dowfnfall. Not many Survivors are allowed to ‘break the fourth wall’ in the final edit, but when Sandra looked at the camera dead in the eye during ‘sugargate’ I felt her days are numbered. Enjoy the ride whilst it lasts viewers.


*Cue ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Theme Song


Has blood on his hands but no one has seen it. Narrating the season and enjoying the big moves like we all are at home. Can he finally make the merge? Will he start playing his game? Let’s hope so.


Challenge beast. I don’t think she will like the fact that Sandra played JT off against her with the sugar fiasco and look to be her own person come the swap. She needs to shelve her attitude as even she knows it will lead to a torch snuffing.


If anyone needs the tribe swap it is Aubry, she has been on the bottom and out of the loop since day one and needs a fresh start. She’s too smart to not make the most of a second chance. Get moving Aubry!

Goodbye JT…

Episode 4: WHO’S ON FIRST?

Mana arrive back in the dark and Tai is glad not to be in the dark, proving his worth by removing Caleb. Tai declares that he is playing with his head and then struggles to locate it.

tai face.jpg

Tai used so much sand last week he lost his own head.

Debbie is wearing Monica 2.0’s hat. Hang on! She is wearing Culpepper’s hat? Clothes sharing = tight bonds.

Craig Confession

Bless Tai, he voted out his man crush. Poor thing and now can’t find his head. Are we actually getting to see some Hali game? Finally, here she comes. Lets see how long it lasts as honestly it’s about time gurl, finally you did more than just batter those big blues.

I’m loving Debbie. She has totally come in here with a new game plan and is sticking to it. Luv the approach of no previous game ties. She is so good to watch. Although I am missing the Debbie confessionals of “The Swiss Army Knife Debbie”. 

WHERE HAS THIS CULPEPPER BEEN? I apologies to people that knew from before, I dont think it’s WWMD anymore as that woman never played as good as you. Go Brad. Yes Phe O Be I am turning (no pun).

OMG I luv Survivor. After that “Bitch stole my idol” i have finally gotten my flame back and am really loving this season and being able to bring my opinion to all of you. PS. Welcome Mr Iadanza, how delicious, lets just hope he doesn’t talk about that time we voted him out of Vavau xxxx


In a blink of an eye we’re off to reward. Team Loud Shirts and Team JT’s Screwed are stunned to not see Caleb’s chiseled bod walking in.

What’s on offer for reward? A colonic cleansing by the looks of all the coffee provided by Probsty. If that isn’t unsettling enough Jeff says only two people form each tribe will compete… All of the meatheads bar plant head Tai compete. They must balance a ball on a pole, go through a balance course and then throw sand bags at totems.


Coffee moves quickly

Ozzy, JT and Tai run the course with Tavua getting through first, closely followed by Nuku. Malcolm blitzes the sandbag throwing for Nuku and they rejoice in the idea of shitting their pants for the next 24 hours. Languishing behind WWMD goes ape shit and somehow beats Troyzan to the punch! Troyzan has made himself public enemy number one.


Tai – “Wax on Culpepper son”

Craig Confession

God I would have killed for a coffee in Samoa, JLP Get on it. I love the challenges, but honestly, how hardcore are the ones that single out the people that have to perform, and the people that dont? Typical Ozzy Mr I can do everything. Ow wait, he dropped it, he is human. Troyzan is still a dick. I’m sorry, he just is. lucky he has an idol as he keeps digging his grave. Malcom is a subtle Ozzy isnt he? Just without the jungle man, climb palm trees vibe.


Ozzy makes the grievous error of a Survivor competitor by saying he feels “confident” and that they “need” him. He then goes on to claim that he doesn’t want to toot his own horn… and then… TOOT HIS OWN HORN.

ozzy horn.gif

Calm down Ozzy!


Sandra is on cloud 9 thanks to the caffeine hit and her uncontrollable ego, “I’m running the show”. JT has other plans and conspires with Malcolm to oust Sandra.

Craig Confession

Ozzy “Not to toot my own horn” please that’s all you do, HELLO! BE HUMBLE. I agree with Andrea and that seeing Ozzy in action would be amazing and the whole WTF DO YOU COME FROM but he needs to take a breath and just stop the “Ozzy I’m Amazingness”

Coffee and Sugar do wonders. Is it smart for JT to throw the only other winners name out there? Well it’s good he can see Sandra’s control, but it’s also GREAT and shows that pre-winners don’t really come into thinking anymore like they did in All Stars. GAME EVOLUTION!


This episode is moving at break neck speed, all of a sudden we’re at immunity. Slow down Probst, slow down camera men with all of the quick zooming lenses, my head is spinning!

pippy long.jpg

Ozzy is ready!

Ozzy Long Stockings hands back immunity and Probst lays it all on the line… there will be one caller per team whilst everyone else is blindfolded so they can injure their groins and strain vocal chords. Cruel… cruel challenge. Once the bruising in their genitals subsides and the blindfolded duos locate hanging ropes, Nickelodeon goo will be released and some balls for the inevitable puzzle maze.

varner goo.jpg

Zeke collects the balls

If that isn’t enough Probst drops the bomb…

“By the way guys… TWO TRIBES WILL GO TO TRIBAL!”

Sweet Jesus.

Varner, Cirie and Culpepper do their best local market butchers impression by bellowing out advice. Although I think Varner thinks he is on the set of a Ron Jeremy film, he just keeps on shouting “Haul Ass” every five seconds. Nuku and Tavua get to the puzzle first, Ozzy has done this maze before against Cochran in South Pacific and on heals of JT, both all stars land a ball. Mana are not even a chance of winning and decide that Sierra and Hali are the way to win… sigh. In a nail biting finish it is up to Varner and Andrea to take home the hero title. Varner stumbles at the last second and Andrea takes it home for Team Loud Shirts! Varner cries, Mana sighs.

andrea win.jpg

Easy Chewie


Both tribes will go to tribal together, all eleven of them will sit together and vote only one person out. Survivor first. Jeff just Game Changed the Game Changers!


You sexy genius

Craig Confession

UMMMMM Noticed that 2nd place idol is simply a bit of rope on a boat tie…………….where has the Symbolism gone JEFF?

God I’m glad we never had to do the traditional Survivor Challenge of blind folded shit, my groin hurts just thinking of the possibilities. Even though I would have been the SCREAMING voice. I do have to say though, I love these challenges and wish we did have one in Samoa. Ow look at Sierra Dawn Thomas step up. Go Bitch Go, show them why your here. Told you Andrea was good Troyzan you dick. Poor Varner. He is so good, the disappointment on his face is so shit. I don’t think he needs to worry, but hey… its Survivor.

OMG ONE GROUP ONE PERSON! God they know how to do it don’t they. BRILLIANT SURVIVOR; never saw that coming. I honestly thought it would be a Nick and Connor 2.0



Malcolm says something about playing the game on paper. Yawn. Sandra knows they must stick together and vote 6-5. Varner knows this is the time for an individual to go silly. JT discusses options with Malcolm. Why is no one looking for an idol?

nuku tribe.png

Nuku waiting for someone to tell them what to do


Culpepper refers to Hali as “Blue Eyes”… not sure Monica would have been a misogynistic pig Brad. He then yaps on about death row and bonding. Sandra must go according to WWMD and he believes that JT will know what he is thinking. Dangerous! Hali thinks she has options now. Hali you don’t. You are here for pure annoyance factor.

blue eyes.jpg

Hali – Blue Eyes

FINALLY someone looks for an idol and of course it’s Tai. I am fist pumping. Go Tai! He finds the clue and then the idol “You never give up!” says the bald beauty. Damn straight. Sierra says she is terrified and I am terrified of her eyebrows.

sierra brows.jpg

It’s getting silly now Sierra…

Craig Confession

It’s very simply on paper, but papers the only place its simple. That should be written into the Survivor bible. Ryan V D Brink you onto that? EEEHHHHH The mistake of thinking nobody has an idol, learnt that the hard way.

Who do you think Brad will target. Wow. Culpepper is a clear player in these peoples minds. To the point of in control. Did I just absolutely miss this Brad in Blood vs. Water? It’s honestly a new person and I am enjoying it. Although to be a known power player already and on peoples radar is a shit thing. You never trust a flipper Hali!

That little Asian Chicken man is amazing. How do some people get so blessed with finding IDOLS. FFS. It pisses me off. THEN HE TELLS EVERYONE? God what a move. It is such a hard decision to do something like that. I mean I had a clue and pondered telling people continuously, but to have an actual idol and spill the beans. He has balls and I think it was a really good move. 1 it helps your numbers and 2 subconsioulsy bonds you with your tribe and makes them have a warm fuzzy about you.


Eleven torches. Eleven buffs. Eleven anxious Survivors. Malcolm does his usual obvious statements. Culpepper goes full western talk and drops the “Mexican stand off” analogy which is expectedly met by Sandra’s mobster analogy of the “guns being pointed at demselves”. Culpepper tries to Inception JT by saying the biggest threat needs to go… Nudge nudge, wink wink, Sandra Sandra. Debbie says Hali may flip. I have no idea what the hell is going on, all I know is nobody likes Hali.

no body likes hali.gif

Go away Hali

What transpires next is the worst effort of a game of Chinese Whispers you will ever see. Resembling an Abbott and Costello routine everyone is whispering to everyone and throwing up twenty different scenarios! This is insane. Probst is speechless. Aubry talking about carrier pigeons actually is the most logical thing that transpires. How on earth can carrier pigeons be the most logical thing. JT tells Brad that they are voting for Sierra amongst the chaos.


What on earth is going on?

Hali then ensconces herself as the most disliked Survivor in history by telling Jeff Probest she is not ready to vote. NO ONE PUTS JEFF IN THE CORNER! NO ONE!

baby jeff corner.gif

Culpepper disapproves of Hali

They go to vote. Culpepper is voting for the best player in the game. Varner says he will soil himself if this person has an idol, just a word of advice Varner, it ain’t the idol making you shit yourself it’s all that coffee!

The votes are about to be read… TAI STANDS UP… AHHHHHHH… HE PLAYS THE IDOL ON SIERRA! Sandra looks like the coffee has finally moved through her lower intestine. No one knows what the hell is going on.

tai beauty.jpg

Idol in yo face!

Votes are read… Eyebrows, Eyebrows, Dear lord Tai guessed right the bald genius, Eyebrows, Eyebrows, Eyebrows, Eyebrows, Malcolm! Malcolm! Malcolm! Someone get me a cold towel!


Malcolm takes it well…

Malcolm says he could vomit and so could I. Only difference is mine is through sheer excitement.

I need to lie down.

cold blooded.gif

Malcolm on his way out…

Craig Confession

What a true TRIBAL. I love the conniving and in play chat. THATS WHAT TRIBAL SHOULD BE. Screw this whole “I cant fight for my life” #talkattribal DO IT. So good. I would be pissing myself at this tribal. WTF is going to happen! No wonder Sierra Dawn Thomas is looking like a deer in headlights. PS Does she know her eyebrows look like that? PS WTF JT? Lets tell them? Does nobody remember he gave his idol to Russell? HELLO! Bitch just threw his tribe under the bus so slit the Bitches throat. This is one of the best Tribal Councils ever.

I DIDNT CONSENT? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Hali you silly Mole. Wait WAIT WTF IS HAPPENING NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO I didn’t expect this. This is shit. Looks like Varner is going to shit himself. It should have been JT. But does this show how good of a player he is and a player that makes mega risky moves? YES. FAAARRKKKKKK Sorry Malcolm you poor bastard, I feel like I am going to be sick also. Can’t wait to see the reaction next week.

PS CULPEPPER WHERE HAVE YOU COME FROM? Do It! Do It! Tip my hat to you. Culpepper made Tai’s idol play happen and shows he has evolved and my turning is so much more. APPLAUSE TO YOU CULPEPPER. Although I am going to vomit too, JT – Culpepper played you STUPID BITCH.  God do you think he has learned to SHUT HIS MOUTH? No. JT GO like NOW. This just shows you how amazing and brutal this game can be with Malcom going. Did any off you think he would? I bet NO.

PPS I am sorry i am having Deja Vu……………………Idol played………………………random go home………………………….Damn you Phe O Be!



Nick Iadanza joins us this week as Phoebe is getting her life together for her big interstate move. Having a Superfan like Nick onboard to take us through the power distribution is a blast. Enjoy!


1. Tai

My winner pick. I think he has built up some real capital in the game with his honesty with the idol and his willingness to play a team game and share it. If I was Sierra I would be hitching my wagon to him after he saved my life in the game.


2. Sierra

A lot of my points here revolve around the preview for next week. It seems a lot of heat is heading Brad’s way so that would drop him and raise his second in command. I also think Hali seems closest to Sierra now because of the tribal shenanigans and that’s good for ‘Fan Favourite’ SDT

3. Brad

His positive edit thus far bodes well for him so the fact I have him so low is only because of the preview for next week. PS- how excited where you all when we saw the return of Culpepper maths!

4. Hali

Voting with the group puts her in a OK spot, but some of her cagey comments about voting out threats, and not ‘consenting’ to vote yet might make her Mana tribemates still feel a little sketchy. Her matching tattoo with Sierra might be enough to keep her from the bottom spot.

5. Debbie

Based only on the preview and how pissed she seems. I have a feeling we will leave the episode with more ‘poor Debbie’ than ‘crazy Debbie’. Watch this space


1. Sandra

ALL HAIL MY QUEEN!!! We’re not worthy! I was so convinced she was going. But at this point I feel the editors like making her the decoy vote because we are all so invested in her surviving. She has the balls to say she’s calling the shots (which she is) and still was not the #1 target for Mana. AND THAT’S WHY SHE’S THE QUEEN! Now let’s all sacrifice a baby goat in her honour.


2. Varner

Seems closest to Sandra and I reckon that’s a good place to be… for now.

3. Michaela

I’m surprisingly indifferent to Michaela and that’s why she’s nestled in right in the middle for me. Not good. Not bad.

4. Aubry

Her edit is so inconsequential this season that it makes me sad. I have a feeling she won’t be around for much longer

5. JT

The Queen has you in her sights JT and your ‘Aw Shucks’ country charm won’t wash with our Mother of Dragons. She’s going to have you walking the plank like she did Thunder D back in Pearl Islands. Adios!


1. Troyzan

With that crotch idol he surely can’t be going next.


2. Ozzy

IT SUCKS but I see him getting the better of Cirie in this heavily referenced feud. Anyone else OVER Ozzy and his God-like fishing skills? I went out a bunch of times with the flippers and the Hawaiian Sling and all I caught were tonnes of scratches all over my body from the coral. He makes me feel so inadequate. Someone vote him out already!

3. Zeke

Meh. Great confessionals but nothing to go on thus far this season

4. Sarah

Inconsequential so hard to say. Her only good confessional was one where she talked about duping Cirie. YOU KEEP YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF MY BAE!

5. Cirie

Until I see Probst hand over that million dollar cheque at a finale I will stress about Cirie’s position in the game. Who in their right mind will let her slip through the net once she’s got her butt on one of those Tribal Council stumps? She’s benefitted so far from a good winning streak but it’s just such a long uphill battle for her to get to the end. #prayforCirie

6. Andrea

The conversation with Troyzan last week seemed like too much foreshadowing for me. Her going home seems the only thing that will save Cirie from the chopping block. I LOVE me some Andrea, but if it’s between her and everyone’s favourite Couch Potato turned Jedi mind warrior, sorry Boehlke.

nick iadanza.jpg

Snake out!


Thanks to Nick for jumping in this week! For someone who has always disliked Malcolm I found this exit interview to be raw, honest and a side that we don’t usually get to see. The pain he expresses is real and a great insight into how Survivor can take a toll on you more so mentally than physically.

Episode 3 Recap: Three Kaoh Rongs and a Hali

EPISODE THREE: Three Kaoh Rongs and a Hali

Shocked faces. No Tony. Nuku can’t believe it. I am still in the foetal position.


I feel ill.

Like a seasoned funeral director Probst moves on at breakneck speed and utters those unsettling words… Drop. Yo. Buffs.

drop buffs.jpg

Jeff – “Who want’s some bad luck?”

The tribes are shaken up with the cookie not crumbling too favourably for some.

Nuku – Michaela, Sandra, Aubry, Malcolm, Varner and JT (Team JT’s Screwed)

Mana – Debbie, Hali, Sierra, Tai, Culpepper and Caleb (Team Kaoh Rong)

Tavua – Cirie, Sarah, Andrea, Zeke, Troyzan and Ozzy (Team Loud Shirts)

Sandra hopes her luck won’t change. Tai and Caleb kiss. Troyzan makes it super obvious he is on the outs. JT says something in that southern drawl of his.

Craig Confession

Tribe swap. Luv the 2 into 3. It’s like the new Survivor thing. Luv Sierra Dawn Thomas “My Hearts Pounding” WHY? You’re not in trouble girl calm down, honestly, everyone is still distracted why you is here. I’m not sure what I think about one tribe “Starting Over” we saw what happend with that in Second Chance, I am also shocked at Malcoms shock with 2 to 3, he would have seen it before he is a fan, I watched his #survivor500 clip. Ow Caleb and Tai! I told you they would work the Bromance back into it and Tai gets his kiss. I mean I wouldn’t Kiss Caleb… he isnt my type.

Phoebe Confession

I would. He is definitely my type. #moreforme

drop yo buffs.jpg

Cirie and Zeke can finally let their hair down


JT is shafted by the swap, ending up with the giant threat killers from Mana. Outnumbered 5-1 he sets to work. Channeling Christopher Walken and Robert Wagner, JT takes them out into the middle of the ocean!

wood wagner.jpg

Nothing suss!

With the majority at sea he darts back to find an idol. Varner gets his rocks off on JT’s sculduggery and marvels at the beauty of it all.

jt kiss.gif

Once bitten, Twice shy

Craig Confession

Varner is just brilliant, he has such ease and acceptance with the constant change of the game. I personally don’t think there has been someone so calm with change before Varner. I mean he has had this situation before, just this time he was lucky and didnt get on the “Start Over” Tavua. His confessionals are great and show how much of a grasp he has on the game. Luving him. JT’s distraction for the idol is brilliant. Such a good play, but as we all know its the “Time Away” that always raises suspicion. But the whole pliers thing, just brilliant. Then going through everyones bags hahahahahahahaahah.

Phoebe Confession

I agree! I absolutely love Varner! He’s hilarious. I love how he can appreciate and laugh at the fact that JT left them out in the middle of the ocean. He loves it as much as we do.


Culpepper is not the hick we are use to: “I love antiquing”… “Monica bla bla bla”… uplifting music… what on earth are the edits trying to tell us? Monica 2.0 is keen for the Four Nuku to stay together. Caleb and Hali appear toast. Culpepper is switched on planting a seed of doubt in Tai’s head in about Caleb. Tai has flashbacks of betraying a friend. “Either way it’s going to hurt.” Tai reassures Caleb all is good.

culpepper monica.jpg

Antiquing. Decorating. Surviving.

Craig Confession

WWMD, Decorate? Well apparently. Yeah Brad you’re amazing you hung balls in a tree. But so far my prayers have been answered, thank you baby lord jesus, and Culpepper has clearly learnt from the past and is bringing a new game. I’m still not going for you Culpepper, but I’m happy. For now. THEN! He goes and starts making moves to split up Tai and Caleb. I’m unhappy I didn’t see the scene where Culpepper fell down and bumped his head. Is Tai seriously going on about betraying “Friends” ummmmm hello we all watched your last game, I don’t know why you going on about it like its such a hard thing. Please. Go back to the chickens, otherwise SIA won’t come for tea again.

Phoebe Confession

Can I change my winners pick to Brad? I’ve always liked Brad. No denying he has been impressive thus far. I think he is in it for the long-haul Craigos! So happy to see he is winning you over!


Ozzy goes into arrogant leader mode like only he can. “They can’t get rid of me yet”. Cool story. Cirie is a pig in shit with a swing of numbers going her way. Her and Ozzy pretend to kiss and make up. Andrea is certain that Troyzan goes first. Troyzan worries that he has the plague and sensing he might be a goner goes idol hunting. Instantly he is blessed by the ghost of Sting and The Police as he finds a message in a bottle… a clue to a hidden immunity idol! Hidden at the immunity challenge! Now I am starting to root for this goofball.

sting message in bottle.jpg

Immunity in a bottttttllllleeeeeee….

Craig Confession

How is it in a swap my Queen Cirie is still on a tribe with Ozzy? Honestly Survivor Gods sometimes you are just bitches. But what I’m loving is the alliance between Zeke and Cirie seems to be getting stronger. YES PLEASE. I am so hoping both work together and go far. Zeke we have to watch out for though as we know he has already stated how he thinks Cirie is one of the most dangerous people out there, but I know my Queen will have her ear to the ground. Did Ozzy just class himself as a veteran? eeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh.

Ow and yes Troyzan you have the Plague, its called, NOBODY WANTS TO PLAY WITH YOU AS YOU ARE A DICK… to say that Andrea hasn’t got a clue! Seriously? SERIOUSLY? God I hope she takes him out, has he not seen that chick play before? She is a demon.

Ok how does this happen? How is it that the Sierra Dawn Thomas’s and the Troyzan’s find the clues and shit! It’s Bullshit. At least this may bring out the arrogance of Troyzan and make him cocky. BYE FELICIA. PS


JT believes killing a goat will keep him safe. Right… JT catches a baby goat… No dear God no, leave the baby goat alone! Sandra has no soul and wants to eat the goats. You can kill Tony’s dreams Sandra but leave the cute baby animals out of this; thank Probst Tai or SIA isn’t on this tribe. They decide to kill a chicken because their lives don’t matter or their mother isn’t around.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 9.19.09 pm.png

Aww it’s JT and the mumma goat… DEATH TO CHICKENS… Aww it’s baby goats…

Craig Confession

I wouldn’t have even bothered going for the goats. What a waste of energy. Nobody is going to kill it. Yes they are starving but when your out there you still think twice about killing a chicken or a goat. Well besides Sandra, she wants to eat it but I love how she doesn’t put her hand up to kill it. Malcom speaks the truth, your hunger and watering mouth goes away when you are required to become the butcher, nobody wants to actually do it.

Phoebe Confession

Is anyone else loving the whole ‘bring the sheeps to slaughter’ motif Sandra is getting?! It is such brilliant story-telling. I also loved how at the outset of the episode when Jeff does his whole ‘PREVIOUSLY on SURVIVOR’ spiel, he literally said ‘Sandra slayed.’ Hilarious! I did not however, enjoy watching the flashback to Tony’s torch being snuffed. #bringbacktony #TONYforthewinplease


Roll up, roll up, step right up to obstacle circus. This course looks like it will create an even playing field. 3 tribe mates are tied together, working together through obstacles, they grab a bucket to fill with water and make their way over a giant teeter totter… yes Jeff said giant teeter totter. Once getting over this they transfer the water to magically lower a gate made out of spare materials from the local Fijian arts and crafts store. The 3 remaining tribe members will solve a puzzle, the logo of the season. Troyzan notices that he can’t get the idol until the challenge is over, oh the drama!

  • For Mana the Kaoh Rong 3 of Caleb, Tai and Debbie do the course. Hali, Culpepper, Sierra will do the puzzle.
  • For Tavua Ozzy, Andrea, Sarah will use their physical prowess to duck and weave whilst Troyzan, Zeke and Cirie will colourfully arrange the pieces.
  • For Nuku the challenge beasts Michaela, JT and Malcolm will tackle the course leaving Sandra, Varner and Aubry to bicker over designs.

In a ‘teeter tottering’ contest Nuku are first to the puzzle, closely followed by Tavua. Nuku’s early start gets them immunity and in the blink of an eye it is neck and neck between Team Kaoh Rong and Team Loud Shirts. In a nail biter Zeke and Cirie just get Tavua through!

zeke win.jpg

Probst throws on the Village People for Tavua

Troyzan does his best bikram squat and nabs the idol without anyone knowing!

Craig Confession

Reward – HOT SAUCE! Seriously. Damn that shit would go straight threw you. Hell who am I kidding, I love hot sauce and if I recieved a bottle in Samoa, I would have put it on everything and just dealt with the shits. Besides those hidious beans we had pretty much did the same thing. Or was that because Tegan didn’t cook them properly? I dunno but probs. Why was there only the one tribe that got a clue to an idol? MMMHHMMMMM I do have to admit though when Troyzan made his play, or “exhaustion”, to grab the idol I did have a laugh. It’s not a melodrama, geeze take a leaf out of Wentworth’s book. God he does seriously have a massive Survivor image of himself doesn’t he.

troy idol 1.jpg

Play it cool Troyzan, just subtly get that idol

troy idol 2.jpg

I said play it cool!


Vision of ships and sharks. Debbie says it’s either Caleb or Hali.Who would have thought that the tribe we haven’t seen anything about is going to tribal? Hali says she needs a miracle. Caleb’s scared.

caleb hali.jpg

Brawn vs Beauty

Tai declares his love for Caleb. Sierra is scared of their bromance. Sierra and Tai have an eyebrow off. Debbie knows past relationships matter. Culpepper doesn’t want to be the chief so makes Tai call the shots. Smart. Culpepper turns the screws and plants another seed of doubt. Tai deals with this by exfoliating to extreme levels.

mummy tai.gif

Go easy on the sand Tai

Craig Confession

Again, her comes Culpepper. So while Hali is rambling on about the vote being between her and Caleb and the fact that Caleb is a challenge asset, what does she do to stay? Did I miss something. I dont like to say it but Hali has WWMD Bloody Culpepper to thank about that.

Aw Tai, he tries so hard to keep Caleb. look at him trying to casually inform everyone that Caleb is a challenge asset. Is he exposing himself as a non challenge asset in doing so?

Debbies confessionals are, as expected, great. I luv how she has approached this game without her previous games connections in play. She is even calling out others who she played with as targets. She is being smart here. People have already drawn ties between Caleb, Tai and Debbie due to Koah Rong. However she is distancing herself from that tie by happily cultivating the others names for the vote. I think its actually brilliant with Debbie being in a 3 way previous game relationship, that she has managed to not be fully targeted like Caleb and Tai. Especially with the “Challenge asset” topic being breached.

Phoebe Confession

A quick acknowledgement of Hali’s hot dress/ Survivor wardrobe is in order. Nice work, girl. Where can I buy one? #fangirling


Debbie feels unnerved by the elephant in the room that is the Kaoh Rong 3 advantage, Tai and Caleb echo these sentiments. Sierra’s Eyebrows just do their thing, she is blinded by the numbers game, the others are blinded by her eyebrows. Hali says Caleb’s the threat because he has the numbers. Caleb believes it’s between his strength and Hali’s… assets. Hali’s argument is that she’s average and can’t win this game. Groan. Culpepper is interestingly placed in the middle. Tai is looking at the big picture, personal relationship, trust, plants. Caleb says Hali has assets again with a straight face. Hali says she is useless again. WHY. IS. SHE. HERE? If Caleb goes I will fly kick the TV.

Probst reads the votes. Caleb. Hali. Caleb. Oh no. Caleb. Jesus Christ. Caleb. He is gone! He kisses Tai’s beautiful bald head. Culpepper gets his way. My TV no longer works.

caleb out.jpg

Another threat goes early.

Two weeks running Tai has been Jedi mind tricked!

jedi mind.jpg

Culpepper – “This is not the vote off you are looking for”

Craig Confession

Culpepper having Tai make the decision on who goes. “You going into the merge with Caleb around is going to hurt your game.” Where did this Culpepper come from. Great play. I don’t think this is even a WWMD, its all Culpepper. I mean dont get me wrong I never thought Monica did anything in Blood Vs Water besides win immunity to advance herself game wise. BUT don’t think Culpepper has won me over yet he still has a long way to go.

“Its such a betrayal to our friendship” HOW TAI? Entering a new game, with people you played with before or simply know/bonded with outside the game, you leave that at the door. I personally think in this situation, if Caleb held a grudge over Tai voting for him and didn’t want to be friends outside the game anymore due to it, is more a reflection on Caleb than Tai. Voting is the game there is only one winner. We saw this wayback in All Stars were tribe mates assumed outside relationships to be taken into consideration in the game. AS IF, give me a break. I personally think holding a grudge over someone that voted for you is very petty and you need to take another look at yourself and the game you signed up for AGAIN. Thats what make returnee seasons so great!

Phoebe Power Rankings


  1. Brad – Outstanding play in orchestrating Caleb’s exit and has certainly positioned himself strongly. With the Koah Rong three intact he may have found himself in a precarious position and he did well did to ensure it was not a possibility. He is now the only real muscle on Mana and as such, he’s made himself indispensable. He’s looking quite strong socially too. Ticking all of the boxes so far!
  2. Sierra – Has the legacy advantage and appears to be far away from the limelight. She’s in a majority position and doesn’t have pre-existing relationships that could potentially position her as a threat.
  3. Tai  – Seems to be in a decision making position but people are obviously wary of his potential to sway. Hence the necessity in voting off Caleb. He does seem closer to Brad strategically though, which is why I have positioned him above Debbie.
  4. Debbie – Strangely enough Debbie does give us confessionals that suggest she’s quite aware. She’s looking pretty good so far and I don’t think me ranking her power-status low on this tribe is a reflection on where she’s positioned in the big picture of the game.
  5. Hali – Well she’s up the creek without a paddle.


  1. Malcolm – He’s in the majority, is a challenge asset and he is less of a threat than Sandra. He seems well positioned socially too. I hope it stays this way for him but I do have a bad feeling it won’t.
  2. Sandra – Appears to have been extremely influential on the prior votes and must be in a power position in order to have such influence. It is so interesting that she is such a threat, and should be the biggest threat in the game and yet she may once again be underestimated and overlooked as such.
  3. Varner – He seems comfortable. He’s avoided any heat so far whereas Michaela and Aubry have had some votes thrown their way.
  4. Michaela – I’ve rated her higher than Aubry as she is a bigger challenge asset.
  5. Aubry – Votes were cast her way last week and we don’t have much to go off to suggest her position has changed all that much.
  6. JT – He’s up the same creek as Hali. I so hope he manoeuvres himself out of it!


  1. Zeke – Seems to have ingratiated himself socially and seems t0 be sitting pretty in general.
  2. Ozzy – Biggest challenge asset in this tribe and really doesn’t appear as a strategic threat.
  3. Sarah – Physical asset, no heat thrown her way yet however does appear a little too comfortable based on her confessionals.
  4. Troyzan – Has the idol but if they lose more than once he’ll obviously be in trouble.
  5. Andrea – The edit made it look as though Troyzan may target her with his idol play, otherwise we haven’t really seen alot yet, besides her overlooking both SDT and Troyzan swiping serious game advantages right in front of her.
  6. Cirie – Seems like she hasn’t managed to pull numbers and therefore has little power or influence.


Have a listen to Evo and Craig’s podcast interviews for this week:

Evo Podcast with AUS Survivor Community – Ryan V D Brink & Adam Rida

Craig Podcast with The Oz Network – Ben Waterworth

Survivor Game Changers Episode 3 Recap with Andrew Torrens & Craig I’Anson


Episode 1&2 Recap: TOO FAST, TOO FURIOUS


The ocean billows. The horns swoon. Captain Jack Sparrow’s second hand ship sails across Fijian waters. The Mamanuca Islands… well they do their thing!


Tony, Tai, Maclolm, Varner and Ozzy take in the scenery

“These are the players that changed the game” – Jeff Probst

The game is back. The game is on.

“Just when you think you seen it all, you ain’t seen nothing yet” – Tony


Would you trust this man?

“I swung for the fences, I made some splashy firework type moves” – Malcolm

malcolm fire.gif

Malcolm loads up on supplies

“I’m the only person to win Survivor two times, and it wasn’t just luck” – Sandra


No the Outcasts and going up against Lil in the final 2 wasn’t lucky at all…

“Gansta with a smile, a wolf in sheeps clothing” – Cirie

cirie wolf.jpg

Subtle Cirie. Sublte.

“I’ve got a strength like a gymnast, and a tenacity like a giant squid” – Debbie

ozzy debbie.jpg

Ozzy and Debbie get to work

“We’ve all changed the game, so you’ve gotta go big or go home” – Culpepper


Yeah… nah…

On deck Probst does his best to sell the Game Changers theme but as soon as the camera hits Hali he loses all credibility. The cast is made up of ego maniacs, haves and have nots.


Game sort of Changers…

‘Eyebrows’ Sierra nabs the Legacy Advantage off the floor of the ship. For those unaware with what the Legacy Advantage is, it resembles the inner working of the Da Vinci Code and has an overly complicated system to activate individual immunity, in short; it’s a ticking time bomb. You can only use it when 13 people are left or 6 people are left, if voted out before this you must give this to a player from any tribe.Will this new found advantage force Sierra to actually play the game this season?

Craig Confession

How funny that Mrs “Why is this Bitch back?” Sierra Dawn Thomas finds the Advantage. How nobody notices an envelope on the deck of the ship and cameras pointing at it is beyond me. All I have to say is Go Bitch Go.

I luv the fact that Malcom stated there is no point going for the Tool Kit as Ozzy was onto it. See Ozzy, people may not want you around. PLEASE GET RID OF HIM!

sierra tai.jpg

Sierra – “What does immunity mean?” Tai – *insert subtitle

At Camp Maniacs Tony goes full Mogwai and instantly runs off in search of idols. Not the smartest move but perhaps it’s so crazy it might actually work? Paranoia explodes amongst tribe mates, Sandra tries to keep things in perspective knowing Tony’s strength is what they need right now.

Craig Confession

Ok Tony, let’s get to camp and run off for an Idol. Do you want to add flashing lights to the target that is already on your back? Looks like it. He states “People would expect this from me” but it DOSNT MEAN YOU DO IT! Come on, rookie mistake.


Never go full Mogwai!

Over at Camp Hippies… Zeke goes full fan boy and gushes over all the big names and then in the next sentence speaks about bathing in their blood.  Sarah says she has a phenomenal social game (ummm did you watch Cagayan?) and vows to be the ‘Silent Assasin’. Culpepper is going to employ the WWMD – What Would Monica Do approach this time around and let others come to him, if he completely emerses himself in the WWMD strategy we can look forward to him being utterly used by every cast member and being ridden into the final 3. Ozzy and Cire renew hostilities, old wounds haven’t healed. Both try to mount cases against the other, my money’s on Cirie. We know Tai is back because the unnecessary subtitles are back. In typical Tai fashion he gets Jedi Mind tricked by Cirie and spills the beans that she is Ozzy’s numero uno boot target. Damn she’s good!

Craig Confession

WWMD. Has Culpepper evolved? it looks like it. THANK GOD. I think once the hunger and paranoia sets in some of his old traits may come into play, but his approach of letting people come to him in this game is a good thing. I have a feeling we are going to see Culpepper go far.

God my Queen Cirie is good. Jedi mind tricks YES. Poor Tai, a deadpan non responce is as good as an answer.

smiling sarah.jpg

Smiling Assassin

Tony decides that a Spy Shack won’t do this time and deploys the… Spy Bunker! ‘Not as obvious Eyebrows’ Ciera makes the cardinal sin of playing too quick and tries to throw Tony under the bus. NEWSFLASH. Physically strong players don’t go home first. This sets alarm bells off in Malcolm’s perfectly shaped head. Ciera is on borrowed time.

Craig Confession

Cierra. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? SSSHHHH just SSSHHHHH! You are taking the targets off other peoples backs and putting them on you. Sit back and relax. You dont need to go so hard out of the gate. NO CIERRA. NO. My stomach is in knots.

spy bunker.jpg



Along comes the immunity challenge, race to a raft, paddle to platform, one person swims to set of keys, then over obstacles as a group back to beach, dig up puzzle pieces, then unlock a chest and then get more puzzle pieces, make a ships wheel puzzle then raise the flag. Jeff says of all of that like it sounds sane. The new immunity idol is weird looking. Before the battle begins Probst drops the twist bombshell that this time around at tribal there will be no re votes.   If it is a tie all competitors must then decided unanimously who goes or they go straight to rocks! BOOM! Cue shocked faces. Andrea states the bleedingly obvious that it makes the game more difficult. Thanks Andrea.


Mana absolutely suck at the challenge. I’ll go as far to say that any water based challenge will result in Ozzy’s team winning. He’s Kevin Costner levels of water freak!

ozzy swim.jpg

Ozzy gets to work

Sure enough Nuku smash it out of the park and despite some inventive editing they win in a landslide.

Craig Confession

Luved the Challenge, typical survivor amazingness.


The editors do their best to make us think that it is a two horse race between Ciera and Michaela for who will get booted first with Michaela getting a bit angst before tribal. Alas, off to tribal they go.


Dem Crazy Eyes


Sandra yaps on. Malcolm and Varner say things that don’t really mean much and Hali puts her hand up for the position of goat of the season by saying the line “loose lips sink ships” before votes are cast. DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT TRIBAL HALI!

Craig Confession

Can I just say, Tribal Council looks delicious. The whole Spanish like tower voting booth. I find it funny Michaela states in Confessionals that she has to watch out for her reactions to situations. THEN SHE GOES AND DOES IT. Calm the farm Michaela. PS Why go to Tribal council and state “I’m here because I’m a big physical player” HELLO SHHHHHH! What do you want to do? Get people all up and freak!

Votes are read… Ciera gets 9 votes and departs. No impact. No surprises here. Ciera played too fast.

ciera boot.jpg

5th, 10th, 20th, retire.

Phoebe Confession

‘Loose Lips Sink Ships’

A fitting expression for the first shipwreck – whoops, I mean tribal council of the season. Our first woman thrown overboard is Ciera and sadly, I am not surprised. I had an instinctive feeling she’d be gone quite early, but not necessarily first. Ciera lacks predictability and isn’t a challenge asset, so it does make sense to lose her. I believe her fatal flaw wasn’t that she played too hard too soon, but rather, she failed to create a value in herself for the players around her.

Every player in this season has come into the game with some sort of reputation. Unfortunately for Ciera, hers equates to that of a wild card and seasoned players are correct to steer clear of this. With two former winners on her tribe and the mantra that people want to keep meat shields in the game, they’re immediately more valuable. In fact, this was Sandra’s whole case at the first tribal council – nobody wants to give me the money three times, so I am not a threat and why not play with me. Similarly, more physical players such as Malcolm, Caleb and Michaela have inherent value out of necessity for challenge performance. They also don’t carry the burden of a reputation like Ciera’s.

I actually liken Ciera’s precarious position to Cirie’s. They both went into the game with the weight of their reputation on their shoulders and they aren’t physical assets to the tribe. The difference is, Cirie recognised she needed to create a value in herself and whilst she doesn’t appear to have been completely successful in doing so yet, she’s still putting in the ground work. She is getting told no, but only because she doesn’t have the numbers or political sway to convert anyone. But with a stroke of luck, this could change. Conversely, Ciera not only failed to realise that she was in trouble and thereby didn’t create a necessary value in herself, she also failed to appreciate the interests of the people around her. This is evident by the fact that she believed the majority were voting for Michaela (which makes no sense at that point) and also by the fact that she threw Caleb’s name out there. Her ‘loose lips’ were in full awareness of Caleb’s value to Malcolm and she’s admitted in her exit interviews that certain people weren’t having a bar of her socially or strategically. She needed to recognise her position and make herself more valuable than players such as Aubry and Varner.

With all that said, she didn’t overplay at all. Arguably quite the opposite. She underplayed by not realising she had her work cut out for her perhaps more than anyone on Mana at that point.

EPISODE TWO: King of Queens

Thank Probst that the premier was a double episode as the first instalment didn’t give us much. New dawn, new day. Tony approaches Aubry about working together. Trying to create BigThreatsRus. Alarmingly he does this at the very same place that Ciera put her own demise into motion; the bloody water well!

aubry tony.jpg

Water Well of Death!

Stick closely with me on this one… Tony wants to work with Sandra. Sandra wants to work with Tony. Tony doesn’t trust Sandra. Sandra doesn’t trust Tony. They see a mutual benefit however.

sandra tony.jpg

Sandra and Tony get close

Tai brings back Chicken Park and JT struggles with this and tries to paint him out to be a dead weight.

Craig Confession

Seriously! Is Tai trying to get another meet and greet with SIA? I keep thinking “Im sick of you and the F^cking Chickens” JUST LET IT GO. JT sees it, so hopefully his attentions will be towards Tai and not my Queen Cirie


Tai can’t convince Culpepper to try his new blend.

Tony returns to the Spy Bunker in the dead of night and after some amazingly over the top army crawling he overhears Sandra and Troyzan’s distrust in him. This is looking like a ‘best of’ Tony highlight reel and I am starting to get a sinking feeling in my gut. Tony confronts them both and accurately calls there bluff. The alliance of 6 hours looks kaput!

Cirie is increasingly worried about her place in the game and goes into social overdrive trying to mount numbers against Ozzy. Zeke, Debbie and Sarah aren’t buying what she is selling though.

Craig Confession

God Ozzy let it go. Im having Deja Vu “Did I ever tell you about that time I was voted out of Vavau?” I think he is focussing too much on his revenge rather than diving into a new game. This may lead to his downfall. I hope so. PS I couldnt stop looking at that scar on his lip – Just Saying. Ozzy and JT teaming up and both being anti Cirie scares me!

Do I think Cirie is going too hard? Yes. But honestly when you know you are a target what else are you suppose to do? I love that she wants to play with Zeke, that would be amazing for me. Although being starstruck, and playing with some of his idols, Zeke knows his shit. Scared of Cirie, he should be, but please Zeke, PLEASE give her a go, you could do great things.


Will Zeke decide which one goes home first?

Sandra goes to work on operation remove Tony by playing on others fears. Tony tries to rally people into the idea that the strongest should go forward. Both sound arguments but at this stage no one wants to commit to either side. It is abundantly clear now that only one of the King or Queen will survive their next tribal.


6 members race into ocean across a balance beam, climb over a cage and untie a long and heavy snake, bring the snake back to shore and the 3 remaining members will untie the innards of the reptile, locate keys to unlock a numbers puzzle which leads to the annual coight throwing contest we all know and love.


Snakes on a Plain

Cirie sits it out. Ozzy does his swimming thing. Varner absolutely stinks it up. Nuku fly ahead to the final stage. All appears lost until Malcolm goes all Terry Deitz and catches up out of nowhere. JT and Malcolm battle it out. Neck and neck. JT takes it out for Nuku. Michaela pouts that she didn’t get the chance to compete. Let the insanity begin.


Varner opts not to let go of the cage and gather the Snake


Sandra thinks she has the numbers to oust Tony but is wary of his idol finding ability and wants to split the votes! Wow this could get crazy quick. Tony knows he is up against it and wonders if Michaela can be the circuit breaker. Caleb and Michaela like the sound of keeping the tribe strong. Varner echoes their sentiments that Sandra is weak at everything.

Craig Confession

We are getting a lot from Caleb. I mean the delicious Probst did state that nobody has really seen him play and the guy has never gone to tribal before. I think we could have an end game player.

caleb michaela.jpg

Caleb – “Which one should I gut first?”



Someone is getting dethroned

Along comes tribal and it seesaws between arguments for strength and against weakness. Troyzan calls Tony nutty, Tony calls him out for sneaking off. Sandra proclaims her ability to stay calm and then squeals like a banshee after a bug get stuck in her hair. Real smooth Sandra. Tony professes his change in approach and quite a few seem to believe him! Is this a double bluff? Varner continues the trend of saying too much at tribal by giving a not so cryptic eulogy for whoever is going by saying “time to get rid of our square peg”.

The votes are read. Aubry. We knew that was coming. Tony. Sandras vote splitting idea. Aubry. Vote split continues. Tony. Okay that will be his last one and the rest will go towards Sandra. Tony! What the hell? Tony. Sweet Jesus. Tony. I hate you all now except for Probst.

tony gone.jpg

Jeff looks about as upset as I am

As Tony departs Sandra reveals the brash, rude and derogatory Sandra we all know by giving Tony an almighty bake as he departs. No class but no surprise. The Queen may have won this battle but after that outburst her days are numbered. Tony departs, played too furious and departs too soon.

Phoebe Confession

‘The Square Peg in a Round Hole’

Oh Tony, why you gotta be so square for? I am utterly heartbroken to see Tony go so soon. I love that we got to experience his character again though. The biggest notability of this tribal was Tony’s assertion, ‘I’m not coming out here cocky or confident…because they’re a different calibre of players’ (or something along those lines). Firstly, I wish the same could be said for Sandra. There is a difference between being beautifully sassy and being overly arrogant and unpleasant. I hope she tones it back because I’m sure I’m not the only one that took her sentiments to (broken) heart. That’s our Tony she’s speaking to! Secondly, Tony’s statement is an undeniable truism based on the performances of his tribemates. The way they expressed their deep desire to retain strength so as to placate him and refrain him from potential idol play was seamless. I believe it showcases that everyone is there to play and they’re bringing their A-games to tribal council as well. Exciting!

Interestingly, Aubry received two votes. Clever play, sure. I think it also goes to show that Ciera really could have targeted her on the prior vote. Hopefully Aubry recognises she needs to get to work now too. Go and make yourself valuable girl before Sandra’s screaming at you to ‘take yo ass home’ – on that note, I really hope she’s on the pre-merge trip so she can say hello to Ciera herself.

One final note – Troyzan can’t spell Tony?!


  • Culpepper and Sarah got winners edits with their confessionals. In stark contrast to Ciera and Tony, the Nuku duo mentioned how they are not going to make waves early this time. Huge foreshadowing here people!

Craig Confession

  • For someone that didnt really do anything to get some good confessionals, Sarah was at the forefront. Finally she has learned that real life and Survivor are not the same and has dropped the “My word is my bond” Cop crap. Foreshadowing? She sort of has a mono tone and that annoys me but I think she has her head screwed on for this game.

Too Fast, Too Furious

  • Speaking of foreshadowing, Troyzan could well be this seasons goat, he seems clueless and a few steps behind.

Craig Confession

  • Troyzan is still a dick. I agree with Evo that he would be a great goat. The guy has no idea and seems to just fumble through conversation. Does he know whats going on?


  • The biggest threats will go early. Not looking good for Ozzy and JT.
  • Three tribe split might come just in time for some.

Craig Confession

OMG Varner. Is it just me or is he really good at stirring the pot, letting others go at it and not being tied up with it? I luv Varner and I cant wait to see more off him. AND he is so onto Sandra and thats great!

Worth Waiting For

After a long hiatus the Worth Playing For Blog is back and in a big way!

George Gif.gif

Ahead of Survivor Season 34: Game Changers I am pumped to welcome fellow Australian Survivor peeps Craig I’Anson and Phoebe Timmins to the WPF blogging tribe.


Craig. So hot right now. Craig.


Phoebe struggling with the Samoan finger trap.


The more pictures of Lee and I together the more attractive I get… surely?

I am hoping that the universal love for Craigos and Phee will offset the widespread disdain for myself.

3 bloggers.png

“One Liberty Bell… Two Liberty Bells… A Cherry!”

We aim to bring you an unbridled mix of laughter, over the top analysis and non-for-profit opinions… Let’s be honest, Craig and my collective psychologist fees due to Phoebe ruining our life long dream won’t be paid off by blog views anyway!

Enough about us, onto the real stuff.



Survivor 34: Insert Emergency Title Here

It’s no secret that this was not the desired cast from early planning days for this season, but who gives a toss! We’ve ended up with a mix of winners, runner ups and wildcards. To kick things off we will delve into the make up of the…

Nuku Tribe


The Nuku Tribe try to block out the memory of Culpepper oiling himself.


Cirie Final.png

46 – Panama, Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains.

Best finish: 3rd

Craig Confession

My Queen. Cirie is going to walk onto that beach and put fear into people’s hearts. Due to the target from previous games on her back she is going to have to work hard with the social game to stay in play. I believe she can do it. Needs to be careful of both Ozzy and his ‘revenge’ form Micronesia, as well as JT who concocted her demise in Heroes vs. Villains. However, when Cirie gets settled and her mental prowess starts flowing, she will be a sneaky unstoppable amazingness.

Evo Confession

A blessing to have back but no possible chance of winning.

cirie island.jpg

Cirie would likely still come runner up…


JT final.png

32 – Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villains.

Best finish: WINNER!

Craig Confession

Last time we saw JT he gave his Idol to Russell on the opposing tribe in Heroes vs. Villains. What is he going to pull this time? Will he take the whole “I what to play completely differently” again? Or fly under the radar due to his friendly country boy nature? I can see him hooking up with Culpepper to be honest. If JT isn’t targeted as being a previous winner, I think he will do quite well. I believe the game has moved beyond ‘Previous Winner’ status removal which I am pleased about.

Phoebe Confession

I am so excited to see JT back! I have really high hopes for him. He’s such an inherently good Survivor player and it has been some time since people have seen him succeed. He’ll be underestimated and I can’t wait to see him take full advantage! Go JT!

Evo Confession

JT makes Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves’ time travel letter sharing in The Lakehouse seem logical.


Like Hantz… Keanu can’t figure out why JT is giving him the idol.


Andrea Final.png

27 – Redemption Island, Caramoan.

Best finish: 5th

Craig Confession

This chick has no restraints. She is a full throttle game player that is not afraid to pull the moves she needs to advance. Target? Yes… if the other players are smart enough. I know I would want to be on the same side as Andrea compared to against her. Has ties with Malcom that I think both could utilize in a switch up scenario; Andrea will do very well. I would luv her to team up with My Cirie. She will be going for broke so may pull off to many big moves early.

Evo Confession

I think Andrea said it best last time… and the time before… and the time…


Another season, another Andrea blindside coming up

Brad Culpepper

Brad final.png

47 – Blood vs Water.

Best finish: 15th

Craig Confession

Eeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh I hated Brad Culpepper in Blood Vs Water. What an arrogant dick. So are we going to have another pissing contest? I hope not. I hope he pulls his head in and plays smarter. I believe he has it in him. I am going to laugh my tits off if someone randomly throws a “F^ck you Brad Culpepper!” into this game. I think Brad will do well if he jumps on board an alliance as member 3 or 4 helping himself get to the merge and then bring out a solo game. I just really hope he is not the same as before.

Phoebe Confession

So harsh Craig! I like Brad Culpepper. I am happy to see him back and I can’t wait to see him gradually win over Craig!

Evo Confession

Brad in his audition video…

culpepper arm.jpg

“I don’t know if you heard me but I just did over 1000”


Sierra final.png

30 – Worlds Apart.

Best finish: 5th

Craig Confession

Sierra Dawn Thomas………………….Sierra Dawn Thomas………………………..thats what every ones reaction is right? I think she could be the one to watch. Why? Because everyone has the opinion of “Why the Hell is this Bitch back?” She will be going in with no reputation, no target, looking hot and with everything to prove. With everyone thinking she is a nobody will be an amazing position to be in for Sierra. Maybe even the position to allow her to once again get deep into the game.

Evo Confession

Dem Eyebrows.




Ozzy final.png

35 – Cook Islands, Micronesia, South Pacific.

Best finish: RUNNER UP.

Craig Confession

With every season he plays Ozzy gets more and more cocky. Yes he is a natural jungle man that can survive and support his tribe; we all know his excellent abilities in challenges. Clearly a Game Changer for numerous reasons; namely his request for fellow tribe mates to vote him out to be sent to Redemption Island. I think Ozzy is going to strut into the beach and be shocked “GASP!” when he is voted out pre-merge.

Evo Confession

Swim. Win the challenge. Be arrogant. Repeat.


Debbie final.png

51 – Kaoh Rong.

Best finish: 9th

Craig Confession

OMG we are going to have some brilliant confessionals from this one. I can’t wait to see her fan girl. I believe Debbie will be so star struck she may be taken for a ride in the beginning and make it to the merge. I believe Debbie is going in with a plan, however I am unsure how it will unfold and whether people will want to play with her. Could be my wild card.

Phoebe Confession

I suspect Debbie will be voted out early. I adore her character and love her confessionals but this is a returnee season. Anyone inconsistent should be ousted early.


Tai final.png

52 – Kaoh Rong.

Best finish: 3rd

Craig Confession

Ow Tai. He is the one I honestly don’t know about. I think there may be some relationship issues with some of the stronger guys, I don’t know why, just that he has some dominant Guys on the tribe that may underestimate him so not give him the time. Work in his favour? Absolutely. I think Tai’s best bet is to get some girls together to move forward. If he can get back with Caleb that could be a bonus, due to their unfinished alliance from last game.

Phoebe Confession

Sadly I think my comments re Debbie can also be said for Tai. He’s inconsistent and transparently schemey.


Sarah final.png

33 – Cagayan.

Best finish: 11th

Craig Confession

This will be interesting. What I loved about Sarah in Brawn vs. Beauty vs. Brains was her “I’m going to do what I want, make the moves that I want” attitude. I think in this season that will be brilliant to watch. She will need to be thinking of herself continuously because we know everyone else will. Maybe a little cocky? And entering with a chip on her shoulder. She will need to leave that at the door. She will not be seen as a threat and I believe will be the lower rung of an alliance so will not be targeted early.

Evo Confession

Sarah, listen to me. Don’t flip. Don’t go against Tony. Merge awaits.

bye book.jpg

Sarah – “We play by the book McVlachos!” Tony – “BYE BOOK!”


Zeke final.png

29 – Millennials vs. Gen X

Best finish: 9th

Craig Confession

I am so excited to see Zeke play back to back. Disadvantaged? Back to back players now have the stigma of “They’re here for a reason” from other players. However I believe that Zeke walked away from Millennials vs. Gen X learning some valuable lessons. He knows this game and knows the players he is with. I believe he will align fast and not be a target. Zeke is one to watch and I believe will be top 3 if not take out the win.

Evo Confession

Get around him. Get around that shirt.

Now it’s over to the…

 Mana Tribe


Mana… more like Maniacs! Barring Hali everyone on this tribe is a mover and shaker.


Michaela final.png

26 – Millennials vs. Gen X

Best finish: 14th

Evo Confession

Firecracker. Absolute firecracker. TV Gold. Her mission will be to paint someone else as expendable immediately. Back-to-back seasons can’t be easy on the body or mind, it also gives the other Survivor’s something to agree upon as voting option… “Hey guys, why don’t we just vote out the most recent player?” Regardless of how Michaela starts I can’t wait for her and Sandra to clash.


Malcolm final.png

29 – Philippines, Caramoan.

Best finish: 4th

Evo Confession

In Malcolm’s first season he believed that taking Denise over Abi to the final 5 was a smart move. In his second season he believed voting out Philip Sheppard with two idols was a smart move. Malcolm often plays on emotion and struggles with sharing space with ‘annoying’ players (oh the irony!), if he can park the arrogant Prince routine I can see a Tyson Apostol style redemption arc for Malcolm playing out. He could easily slink his way to the merge and throw mud at previous winners and game players when it matters. At the very least he and Troyzan should pair up and become Malzan or they could call themselves something stupid like ManBunsRus.

Phoebe Confession

I find him attractive.


Hali final.png

27 – Worlds Apart

Best finish: 11th

Evo Confession

Hali’s return is a real head scratcher. Struggle to see how she makes the merge, if she does what possible argument could she have for winning? First boot if Mana loses is my initial thoughts. Can see her trying to work over Malcolm with her charm and others seeing that as a threat. Best move is to work hard, figure out who the power player is early and cling on for dear life!

Phoebe Confession



Varner final.png

50 – Australian Outback, Cambodia.

Best finish: 10th

Evo Confession

Too much Varner? No such thing! How does he shake the rat moniker? Don’t try to I say. Embrace the duplicitous nature and get scheming early. A “I must change the way I play” speech early wouldn’t be the worst idea to lure others into a false sense of security. I can see Varner working with the younger women on the Tribe or adopting a over 30’s approach to flush out the youngsters.


Troyzan final.png

55 – One World.

Best finish: 8th

Evo Confession

When Craig learnt that he didn’t have to write about Troyzan he let out a billowing cry of joy! Removing the abomination that was One World, I am actually looking forward to seeing the mulleted one go around again. Troyzan might surprise this season, purely because he doesn’t have any playing link to the other Game Changers; all other Survivors have played on at least one of the same seasons as each other. Will he have nightmares of female alliances? Has he recovered from his slip and slide disaster? How will he go being the only Tarzan in the jungle? I look forward to finding out.


Troyzan pre surgery


Sandra final.png

42 – Pearl Islands. Heroes vs. Villains.

Best finish: WINNER… TWICE!

Evo Confession

Three in a row isn’t possible but I am eagerly waiting to see how Sandra plays it. Will Sandra come full circle and put another Survivor’s interest before her own? No. Chance. If Sandra makes the merge it will be a phenomenal effort. I have never been a big fan of the “anyone but me” strategy, be careful not to confuse this with the “lay low, perform badly at challenges and get lucky twice” strategy. I haven’t been a fan before but I get this strange feeling inside of me that says I will be by the end of this season.


Caleb final.png

29 – Kaoh Rong.

Best finish: 15th MEDIVAC

Evo Confession

Excited to see Caleb back and the unavoidable heartfelt reunion with Tai (come on you know it’ll happen!) Caleb isn’t going anywhere soon due to his strength and the fact that the other Survivor’s didn’t really get to see what his strategic game was due to his terrifying medivac; I have never seen so many umbrellas at a beach before.  Caleb also comes across as genuine, a good solid number to have on your side.


The Odd Couple


Ciera final.png

27 – Blood vs. Water. Cambodia.

Best finish: 5th

Evo Confession

The question I have is; can Ciera learn from her past mistakes? My gut tells me no. I am expecting to see her ruining other Survivor’s games as only she knows how to or being an early boot based on a lack of trust from others. A lay low approach is the only way to go from the start.


The look when you don’t bring a pencil case to drawing class


Aubry final.png

31 – Kaoh Rong.

Best finish: RUNNER UP.

Evo Confession

Big fan of Aubry and still scratching my head as to why she didn’t get the crown of Sole Survivor. Was she too cerebral for the jury? A tougher run ensues this time around. The Mana Tribe will be cutthroat early days. Her best bet is to side with the legend that is Tony Vlachos. Tony appreciates players who can gather information for him and that’s one of Aubry’s main strengths. Not being a big personality might come in handy too.

Phoebe Confession

I love Aubry, but sometimes I think people underestimate her moments of fickle play on her prior season. She had some serious moments of indecision, e.g. when she changed her vote on an actual voting card. That would be a serious red flag to anyone, no matter which side of the fence you’re sitting on. She’s obviously able to create deep bonds, but I do wonder if that ability is situation dependant. Her significant bonds included Tai and Joe on her prior season and interestingly, they’re both somewhat obscure characters. I think people can come across as fantastic social players but in actuality, they’re only good in the context of the group of people they’re dealt. I’m not saying this is the case for Aubry however it’s something I’ve considered in trying to comprehend her lack of title. Maybe she’s only great at developing bonds with certain types of people. Michele was obviously the wrong person to go to the end with, but I wonder if she could have won against anyone (besides Tai and Joe) if the jury really weren’t able to see her outstanding gameplay. All that said, I’m a huge Aubry fan and I can’t wait to see her have another go!


Tony final.png

43 – Cagayan.

Best finish: WINNER!

Evo Confession

I love TV. I will never hide my unashamed and completely biased opinion about the great man. When I was going to audition for Australian Survivor, the llama talking, spy shack making, idol finding ‘construction worker’ gave me many hours of helpful advice. It proved invaluable as it elevated my audition video to the next level and made producers look twice. Personal man love aside… This guy can seriously play. How on earth can he win? It’s Tony. He will change things up and I can also see him being taken along as a reverse goat, the big threats will want him as a shield and the outsiders will want him for the numbers. Not to mention that he has stated he would like to take the Spy Shack underground and bring in the Spy Bunker! All aboard #TeamTV.


Sage advice…

Phoebe Confession

Dear Evan, um, can you please help a brutha out and give me his number. Oh wait, that’s Twitter. Can you please go and get his number and then give it to me. I’m not good at Twitter. Thank you. And also please stop walking so fast when we catch up for brunches. Your strides are very fast and I prefer a more leisurely pace. Thank you and kind regards, Phoebs.

P.S. No matter what happens, Tony has already cemented himself as one of the greats so even if he is unable to rid the blazing target on his back, he’ll remain my Survivor hero.

Sneak Peek

Before the premier have a look at the latest trailers for the season ahead!