Episode 6: Careless Whisper


Aubry is startled. Sandra said it was personal booting JT, it would be strange to see her change her emotional game play now. Aubry belives she needs to learn from Sandra to advance in the game… or perhaps Aubry you could just keep doing nothing and find yourself at the end?


Tai goes looking for the idol late at night, the clue is outrageous and tells him he needs to wet a board, what on earth? He does so at the water well and starts digging. After finding the hidden anchor logo, just add water! He finds it! Tai declares that he is not in rush to play it. DANGER! DANGER! DANGER!

just add water.jpg

Producers will now hide idols in Mermaids as Tai keeps finding them too easily

Craig Confession

Tai Tai Tai. OMG how lucky can this little man be? 3 idols is amazing. PS Luved the water/symbol/wood scenario. I do love how Tai has the balls to consider not playing his idol at Tribal. It’s like he is an idol finding machine and has this 6th sense to not play his idols. We saw it in Kho Rang and we are seeing it again. He is like a little idol buddha.


No JT, shocked faces, Culpepper grimaces. No challenge! Everybody drop yo buffs!

new tribes.jpg

Team Loud Shirts is no longer… sheds tear

Orange will be Mana, Blue will be Nuku… Survivors cautiously open there parcels… Debbie has nothing! Debbie has no tribe, she is in the middle! TRIBE DEBBIE! Tai rejoices that three gay men are together, Varner, Zeke and him just in case you had been living under a rock.

zeke varner tai.gif

Tai, Zeke and Varner celebrate

NuMana is Troyzan, Michaela, Cirie, Sierra, Hali, Aubry and Culpepper

NuNuku tribe is Sandra, Sarah, Varner, Andrea, Zeke, Tai and Ozzy

Then there’s NuDebbie… going to Exile Island!

The good news – she will join her new group at the end of tribal council (the losing tribe) and can’t get voted out, bad news is that she can’t form bonds. Debbie says in her youth her and a pony would travel off alone together…


I can only imagine this is what was running through Culpepper’s head…


And Debbie’s response!

“Games changed again” says Probst in some weird hick creepy voice. Probst is playing better than everyone at current.

Craig Confession

Drop your Buffs. Yeeaahhhh. And we have the signiture “Im Scared” from our one and only Sierra Dawn Thomas. She cops a good eye roll from me. I bet she is having a sookie la la over “please dont take my Culpepper away” eeeehhh because HEAVENS you might have to play Sierra Dawn Thomas. And what the hell is she doing now? OW saying Jeff’s lines, I see, now she cops a FFS SHUT UP MOLE! Luv the 3 Gays on a tribe, now there is an Alliance. Of course Debbie is going to be fine on exile, she has her own exile island back home…


Troyzan’s hair is out of control, as is his excitement for making it to a new tribe, some people get all the luck!

troy hair.jpg

Get that man a comb!

Brad starts the counting game again, careful Brad!

brad counting.gif

Make it stop

He is worried that he seems to know no one but Sierra, but sees an in with Troyzan as he played with Monica. He also correctly notices that they are the only men on the tribe… Great work Columbo!


WWMD pondering his next move

Troyzan and WWMD bro it out and Troyzan doesn’t want to be bamboozled by women again as he has nightmares of One World, don’t worry Troyzan we still have nightmares too.

one world nightmare.jpg

Why won’t the pain go away?

Craig Confession

Does Troyzan know what is going on? Besides continuing to blab about his idol, it doesn’t seem like he does. I also feel a foreshadow coming along. The amount he talks about his idol and how he is ok because of it, I can see him going home with the idol in his pocket. I hope it’s the women that take him out, lol!

Second fore shadow, is the Culpepper and Sierra Dawn Thomas alliance, which is now + Troyzan. Should we say end game? Or is it building to a massive episode to come where an alliance breaks apart?


Varner knows he and Sandra are on the outs as it’s all Tavua plus Tai. Sandra ain’t scared, but she knows that she must keep calm, “the Queen stays blah blah blah blah blah blah blah”. Zeke wants her out. Ozzy and Zeke get giddy about creating stories to blindside Sandra. Andrea agrees that Tai is the perfect decoy.

trick zeek.gif

Zeke and Ozzy are over the moon with their dastardly illusion plan

Zeke confides in Tai that Sandra is first to go, but he worries that Tai could get wind and flip.

tai zeek.jpg

Zeke and Tai rocking the Mannequin challenge

Tai is one smart cookie as he wants to look for another idol. He thinks that there might be another idol in the same place… HE GETS ANOTHER IDOL! HE HIDES THE WOODEN PLANK SYMBOL. I LOVE TAI! He is so nervous with all of this power. He has found three idols already and we aren’t even at the merge.

tai idol three.gif

Tai counts his idol finding numbers…

Craig Confession

Never Never get enough of Varner. Please Make it far Jeff, at least to the Jury. Zeke. I dont know why but I laughed when he said “They loose the Million dollars to Sandra Diaz Twine” He is good at subtle. Making people think they are making the decisions after he has planted the seed. He has his head screwed on and is so right about the Queen Sandra.

Um what happened to Andreas jeans? Are they attached at all? they look like CFMBoots. Did anyone else notice that?


Debbie is as flat as the violins being played, she will be exiled on a ship… hang on, it looks like a bloody cruise! It is a private fortress of solitude. She feasts in true Gollum fashion.


Debbie’s ‘EXILE’ is tough conditions

Hang on… there’s a boat approaching, is that Jeff? It’s John Cochran!!!!!!! The neurotic Survivor God. He is here as a sounding board. Cochran is alrady playing better than Debbie in 5 seconds in Fiji.

cochran arrives debbie gollum.jpg

Cochran arrives just in time before Debbie’s decent into madness

Cochran tells her to mend fences with Brad and to pander to people, that will win her the game. He then gives her an advantage option. She has three options… fake hidden immunity idol kit, extra vote or tribe challenge advantage… she takes the extra vote.

debbie advantage.jpg

Debbie can’t hide her excitement

As much as it sucks that Debbie got this incredible reward, well done to the producers for this incredible idea!

debbie cochrane.png

Cochran – “Just do the opposite of every single thought you have”

Craig Confession

I like that Exile is on a boat. Will it stay that way? I think so, but how sweet would just different and random Exile’s be? Or they alternate between the boat and a beach so if Exile stays in play and the same person is continuosly sent it’s still a gamble.

I like the “Game Changer” aspect of choose your advantage, but the whole Cochran thing was weird. What was the point of that? I know the whole give Debbie some pointers aspect but why?

I also love how Debbie is so in awe and chatty and smiling and then just bursts into sobbing that the past 2 weeks have been so hard. Didn’t she just finish sitting there saying she was dandy and in a great position? Now the question is, will Debbie lose her shit and tell everyone exactly what Exile was about?


Zeke and Varner are bonding, Zeke see’s value in Varner down the track but first he must lie to him to convince that Tai is going home. Varner buys it straight up. Varner doesn’t trust it completely but he doesn’t have a choice. Sandra sniffs around Varner, she is happy it isn’t her but she doesn’t think this adds up. Sandra stop calling yourself the Queen.

sandra andrea.jpg

Sandra pretending everything is okay

Craig Confession

I really hope Zeke works with Varner. My ideal would be Varner, Zeke and my Queen Cirie.


There’s water involved… I am backing Ozzy’s tribe. Dive into water, race through monkey bars, lift heavy puzzle pieces, pull them in a sled to shore, then three tribe members solve a barrel puzzle.

monkey barrel.jpg

The Barrel Full of Monkeys Immunity Challenge

NuMANA take an early lead, they get to the pieces first and start hauling them along, but NuNUKU start closing the gap. As they enter the strength section the game balances out. Michaela is a beast! NuMANA Sierra, Cirire and Aubry are on the puzzle. NuNUKU Zeke, Ozzy and Sandra…. Wait…. NuMANA have won! Lighting quick assembly. Puzzle smashed early.

Will it be Sandra? Or will shit turn crazy? Varenr is certain it’s Tai unless he pulls out an idol.

Craig Confession

Thank god Mana won, my Queen Cirie is safe yet again. Is she now the only one that still hasn’t gone to Tribal?


Tense times. Silence around camp. Zeke knows this is the time to get rid of Sandra. Sandra feels like something could go wrong. So she gets to work. She raises the Kaoh Rong three. A good argument.


In the driver’s seat

Sandra says she will protect the strong. Sarah knows that Sandra is grooming them, wow, what a choice of words. I suppose she is a criminal now anyway. Ozzy does think that Tai is a threat. Tai notices that he isn’t being spoken too. He is nervous. Tai makes the mistake of blurting to Varner in front of Ozzy that Sandra will go. Never make Mr Arrogant Ozzy angry Tai. Sandra wants to twist things at tribal. Tai thinks he will be safe as he has two idols…. How will he play this?

tai 1 idol.jpg

He might need to use one Idol

Craig Confession

Gosh Sandra is good. But you all know that. Working her magic is just great to watch. Sarah hits the nail on the head when she said “it feels like she is grooming us, she is calm, her voice never raises and she just starts to suck you in”.


NuDebbie enters. Yawn. Andrea and Ozzy say they are debating about who goes, Ozzy does his usual acting that everyone sees through. Sandra declares that she is the one going. Tai says he is also worried and paranoid. He just hopes he is safe. Sarah has heard names and she thinks some are still open to changing their vote! Tai and Sandra whisper!!!!! Varner whispers too. It’s Ozzy as the new boot! Tai then blurts Ozzy must go to everyone. Now everyone whispers that Tai should go. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?


I am on the edge!

Zeke then says how can he trust Tai? No one seems to want to go with Tai. Will he play the idol?? Sandra gets super cocky and says she will bury Tai as she votes. Play the idol you Tiny Gorgeous Buddha!!!

jeff idol.jpg

Idol anyone?

Does anyone want to play an idol? NO! Tai just sit on his hands! AHHHHHHHHHH! Votes are read: TAI, TAI, SANDRA, SANDRA, SANDRA and SANDRA! GONE! GONE! GONE! No more Queen talk.

sandra boot.png

After 94 days, two wins, it is all over

What the hell happened? How did Tai survive after pulling that stunt? Or are the editors holding something back?

Sandra was a wrecking ball this season, knocking out whoever she wanted and in my opinion improving her reputation as a player, seemed to make more moves this time around as compared to past seasons. It is refreshing to see Sandra humble in defeat.

Craig Confession

Another great tribal, and Sandra almost pulled it off. Using Tai’s paranoia and as soon as he tells her a name she tells everyone hahahahahaahah and then let Tai just dig his own grave. 94 DAYS and never snuffed. Tears.







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