Episode 9: Winners & Losers


Product placement

Finally we can confess that what seemed like an innocent fan-blog is actually a corporate-run sponsor of the show. How else would you explain this tasteless advertising?


The Magic Mirror

“Who’s the fairest of them all?” just got a whole lot easier to answer.


Fortunately Jefra has her pageant winning face all worked out.

Me? I am the most beautiful member of the most beautiful tribe? Little Jefra? Why, I can't hardly believe it.

Me? I am the most beautiful member of the most beautiful tribe? Little Jefra? Why, I can’t hardly believe it.



Tony’s first special friend

That old thing he wasted on LJ? Totally forgotten. Tony has a brand new love.

Of course, baby, I swear it, I've never felt this way before...

Of course, baby, I swear it, I’ve never felt this way before…

I call conspiracy on Tony finding this idol by digging randomly in the dirt. I suspect producer shenanigans.

Woo’s new catchphrase

I’ve been keeping an eye on social media this week, and this one really hasn’t taken off yet.



Bonus Winner

Worth Playing For contributor and Survivor Scholar, Ev, for correctly predicting the idol powers. Good job. I had really hoped it would be something a bit more exciting but you have demonstrated your exemplary knowledge of the game.

Episode 9 – Player Rankings

1. Tony – Tony has complete power over the rest of the players with his discovered immunity Idol w/ special powers.  Now in order to be booted from the game, he has to be voted off twice.  Will not happen.  Tony is unstoppable.  

2. Everybody else.  Seriously.  I am a little bit sore that the special idol has this much power and that Tony found it with few to no clues.  

I predict that Tony makes it to final Four.  He will mostly likely take along his core alliance of 4 (Woo, Trish and Kass).  Spencer and Tash could make it if they keep performing the way that they have at immunity challenges.  Jefra will be cannon fodder.

The only chance that anybody other than Tony has to win, is to somehow win over the jury.  Maybe somebody more likeable can take it, but nobody will be able to deny that Tony has played this the game (at least so far) the hardest and made as many big moves as he has.  It will all depend on how the jury will choose to vote.  I predict that Tony has this in the bag.  I hope that I’m wrong, if only for the sake of entertainment.  

Episode 9 – Tribal Council

After Jefra’s blatant honesty we head into tribal with two options:

1) Spencer plays his idol on himself and a NuSolana member goes home, likely Woo or

2) Spencer plays his idol on Jeremiah and Spencer goes home.

This is game changer territory!

Group therapy

Group therapy

Spencer kicks off by stating he, Tasha and Jeremiah are on the outside, another insightful ‘Brain’ comment.

Jefra tells Jeff that she has gone back to original alliance. Smart move for now and it may even gain her ‘truth’ points with the jury.

Everyone is a threat apparently, Spencer says he will vote for Tony if on jury, Tasha and Jeremiah echo the same sentiment. The problem with thesis they don’t do it with any class, it was threatening, brash and reactionary. (Cast your minds back to Blood vs Water, Hayden calmly caused Sienna to flip because he came across as sincere. Take another trip back to Phillipines; Penner politely and succinctly told Skupin and Lisa they would lose to Malcolm or Denise at FTC (shock horror he was right), they didn’t listen as they are two of the worst Survivors in history, however the approach was perfect) Kudos to Tony who looks noticeably upset over being thrown under the ‘best player’ bus yet he doesn’t snap and keeps his cool.

Spencer keeps throwing grenades at Jefra saying he doesn’t understand how she can’t see that she is last on the totem pole that is NuSolana. Surprisingly he didn’t bring up the numbers game… She could be 4 with them, or 5 with her current alliance. Perhaps she thinks Kass is 5?

Tony defends himself by saying he never broke any promises? Ummmm… Surely he must have to Trish, Kass & Jefra last tribal? Maybe he is getting a bit too technical.

Trish loyally sticks up for him and says he promised to end the crap. Funny how being disloyal one week has earned Tony extra loyalty points this week.

Woo makes an interesting statement that if Tony is to get there he will need their help. This could be an important comment come seasons end.

Can I just say that Spencer is finally showing his true colours… he is a jerk. Can’t recall a bigger whinging player in recent years. No social game whatsoever.

Before the votes are cast it looks like it is boiling down to Woo or Jeremiah? Just depends on where Spencer’s idol falls.

Spencer is a jerk to Woo in his confessional. By impersonating a stoned surfer. Shut up Spencer you tool! Just because you left the clue in your pants stupidly doesn’t excuse your jerkiness.

After the votes are cast Spencer steps up to play his idol… He remarks to Woo “you can steal all the clues you want but I’ve got the real thing”. In a true Cop stand-off T Bone pulls his out to call his bluff (this guy never stops thinking, he is always a step ahead) Spencer says its fake and then plays the idol on himself. You wouldn’t expect anything less of the sook, then again in fairness, you wouldn’t expect anything else of someone in the minority.

Jeff - Where's the napkin?

Jeff – Where’s the napkin?

Before Jeff opens the vote box Tony tells Jeff how amateur Spencer was by thinking his idol was real (it is!) causing him not to play it on Jeremy… Funnily this name error is more entertaining than anything Jeremiah has done, come to think of it this new Jeremy dude sounds like a barrel of fun compared to Jeremiah. Tony caps off his Oscar performance by referring to his idol as a fake. Brilliant Tony. Brilliant. Next tribal there will be doubt as to whether Tony has one or whether it is fake.

Tony admires his new 'Butterfly' super idol! "You will be called... Wing face"

Tony admires his new ‘Butterfly’ super idol! “You will be called… Wing face”

The votes come out. Woo, Woo, Woooooooo……. Jeremiah! hahhahahaha suck it Spencer! You guessed wrong. Outplayed again! Ironically Spencer said in a earlier confessional that Tony was predictable, yet NuSolana predicted that Spencer had an idol and would play it on himself.

So long Wet Mop

So long Wet Mop

The wet mop is booted. And Tasha and Spencer are now firmly entrenched at the bottom.

Tasha - "Why is he still on the island?" Spencer - "I'm not sure" Jeremiah - "You MA MA MA MAKE ME HAPPY!"

Tasha – “Why is he still on the island?” Spencer – “I’m not sure” Jeremiah – “You MA MA MA MAKE ME HAPPY!”

Things will no doubt change next week.

Episode 9 – RECAP

Okay guys, we are getting towards the pointy end of this pineapple and I can basically see things playing out a couple of different ways.
1. Tony continues to manipulate the game like a chunk of soft putty in his meaty cop handsand ends up in the final 3 with two useless players (say, Jefra and Jeremiah).
2. The women band together and ditch all of the dudes in favour of a women’s alliance. We’ve seen this happen before. The final 3 are Jefra, Kass and Trish.
3. The tables turn and the much maligned remaining Brains tribe members keep it together and end up in the final together (Kass, Spencer, Tasha) Brains forever, yay!
4. None of the above.

Back to this week’s episode recap…

The contestants file back into camp and Tony is in serious damage control mode, which requires more work to get back on side with some players (Jefra) than others (Trusting Trish).

Much to Evan’s delight, Tony cooks up a brand new Spy Shack and immediately reaps his rewards when he overhears Trish and Jefra talking strategy. Jefra is very uncomfortable about trusting Tony and Tony lists off the players he does trust (Trish, Woo and Kass) but isn’t talking about trusting people often a precursor to being given the boot? Regardless I’m hoping Spy Shack 2.0 has a bigger role to play!

Reward Challenge! Paddle Puzzle!

It’s another team reward challenge this episode and as Jeff drawls through the delectable treats that could be won (reminiscent of Job reading through the clubhouse menu to Lucille 2, you’re welcome Arrested Development fans) I’m drooling into my cup of tea.


The teams are Tasha, Jefra, Spencer and Jeremiah v Woo, Kass, Trish and Tony. It’s a tight competition with both teams fumbling at various stages, but once they get to the puzzle section Spencer comes up with the goods (finally) to lead his group to victory. Will we be seeing another napkin clue to lead to the super secret special magic power idol?

Kass muses on the current situation and says she believes Tony is annoying, but her strategy is to keep the annoying and vote out the threats, uh…do you really not see Tony as a threat?! Tony gets pretty papayaed off with Trish because she wants to forage for fruit ahead of talking strategy so he skulks off on a wild idol hunt. Meanwhile Woo and Trish hit the mother load of papayas, when all of a sudden Woo tumbles out of the tree and slams his little ninja butt on the forest floor. He takes it in his stride.

Woo's treehouse.

Woo’s treehouse.

Swap to the reward group and they are recreating a scene from Lord of the Rings as they marvel in a picturesque Philippino cave. Spencer picks at Jefra’s sore spots and just as the group is about to agree to vote Tony out, a local man appears with that true tear jerker, LETTERS FROM HOME! Jefra thinks it’s all kismet and that the appearance of her letter is A SIGN she should align with Spencer, Jeremiah and Tasha to take out big, bad Tony. Could this really be the end for this season’s most exciting player?

Maybe the idol is hidden in Pan's Labyrinth?

Maybe the idol is hidden in Pan’s Labyrinth?

Immunity Challenge!

Tony desperately needs to win this one, and I think he knows it.
It’s a balance beam ball balancing challenge that I think will ultimately favour either the women or Woo (or will his crushed coccyx interfere?). Jefra, Trish and Tony are quickly out, followed by Kass only 3 minutes into the challenge. The remaining players (Spencer, Tasha and Woo) all stick it out to the smallest balance beam (kudos, guys) but Tasha claims victory in the end.

Be one with the ball...

Be one with the ball…

Things are definitely looking dicey for my cop buddy, but where will the cards fall? Tony dedicates his day to another mad idol hunt, which proves fruitful when he suddenly finds the power idol at the base of a rocket-ship-shaped tree! As some Worth Playing For writers have predicted, it is an idol to be played AFTER the votes have been read, think Yul’s idol in Cook Islands. Drama! The remaining players are still hashing out who they should best vote out back at camp and it is incredibly confusing for all involved. Jefra goes back on her word to Spencer (a cardinal Survivor sin) and even tells him so because, you know, honesty is so important, guys. Similarly shockingly, Jeremiah reveals that he is in fact a male model (what? How is this at all relevant?!) and Spencer makes a genuine revelation when he tells Tasha and Jeremiah about his idol. Am I the only one who is incredibly confused? What the heck is going to happen?

Only Evan can tell…in his tribal review!



Episode 8 – Winners & Losers

Favourite Rum Beverage at the Beach


Winner – Red Drank


Loser – Orange Drank

The Beach Fashionistas – Who wore it Best?


Winner – Tony


Loser – Spencer

Finally a Beauty Challenge!  Strike a water pose!


Winner – LJ


Loser – Jeremiah

Seriously though, The Winners & Loser of this week


Winners: Spencer, “Tasha” and Jeremiah

As Spencer put it, these 3 have been gifted a second chance at the million care of Tony.  I am sure that Tony has scheming plans that see well beyond this point, but as an audience member, it appears to me as a misstep.  I agree with Kass in thinking that Tony’s move to flip on his alliance of 6 was made too early.  However, I have no doubt that he’s played out many scenarios in his head and he’s decided that this course is his best shot to become sole survivor.

loser - lj draper

Loser – LJ

LJ is the obvious choice for me, as he’s been freshly voted out of the game.  I feel for the guy. His misplaced trust in Tony led to his earlydemise, and he had a long way to fall.  I felt that he had an understated position in the game that could have netted him the big prize.  Aw well, I’m sure that he will land on his feet.  After all, he’s not a bad looking guy or anything.  He’s looks sort of a like a not-so-poor-man’s Don Draper to me.  Hell, he even won this week’s pose-off.  Alright, I’ve finished feeling sorry for the bastard.

Episode 8: Player Ranking

Things are getting so real, guys. We’ve got blindsides, paranoia, new idols in play, SPECIAL idols still to be found, and only eight players left in the game. So let’s be honest with each other, let’s sit down and really get deep. There are five votes to go, that means, assuming no twists from my buddy Jeff, five more immunity challenges and five more reward challenges. Any player that has not yet made some big moves has to step up and fast. There is time to turn it around but not much. For this week’s player ranking, I’m lining up our tribe members in two groups, those who could win if they make it to the final vote, and those who haven’t yet done enough. I’m not saying any of these loveable loons WILL make it the end, but if they do, these are the kids you don’t want to be up against.

Players who have made win-worthy moves


I willingly admit that Tony has been in control of this game for a long time in the face of all logic. I think the others are dummies if they don’t get rid of him at the next available opportunity, but if for some reason he sneaks through – he’s basically unbeatable at the final based on the game up to this point.


Trish can make a compelling argument that she has been strategising almost as much as Tony. She gets my imaginary council vote based almost entirely on her swaying of Kass’ vote a few weeks ago. This was smart play. She would lose against Big T in a vote but anyone else would face an uphill battle against her.


I don’t think her moves were good ones long-term, but she has made big votes at a key time of the game. She made decisions that shifted the balance of power undeniably. I would be disappointed to see #ChaosKass with the million but I do think she’s a contender at the moment. She could win if she was standing next to some of the weaker players.


Players who have to do more in the next five weeks


My favourite party-pooper would have to REALLY play hard to have any chance of winning. Honey, you seem awfully nice but you have done nothing memorable since you talked about your peeing and pooping habits. Wake up.


The newly-named human mop (love it, Evo) needs to get out from Spencer’s shadow and play. He could help blindside Tony to stand a fighting chance, or perhaps check-mate the Chessmaster Spence himself. Just stop drawling about moves and make one.


I like Woo a lot. He’s bad at puzzles but otherwise a good contributor in physical challenges and by all accounts he’s pretty likeable. I count #ninjastealthmode and the #madtreasurehunt and moves on his score sheet but it’s not enough. Stop trusting Tony, Woo.


I’m sure many would disagree with me but I would argue that Tasha HAS made moves. They were just too long ago to matter, and not enough people on the jury were around to see them. I think she’s a smart player and has the potential to step back up and seize an opportunity.


I don’t know, guys. I find Spencer ridiculous in the extreme, and fairly unlikeable, but I will grudgingly allow that he is one of the two or three most capable of moving into a winning spot. Things would need to change but Spencer doesn’t seem like a complete moron (*cough*Jeremiah*cough*).


He's got the whole game, in his hands...

He’s got the whole game, in his hands…

Tony starts working his magic this episode from the moment the opening credits roll. His big move this time? Setting , cute but innocent, LJ up to be in the line of tribal fire. And who can blame him? After last week’s close call Tony has got to be feeling nervous.

The coloured block memory game sees Tasha wearing the immunity necklace plus Spencer still has his hidden idol so that really only leaves Jeremiah or Jefra open to be voted out. Tony keeps spinning his LJ wants Woo out story so that while the rest of his alliance is planning to split the vote between Spencer and Jeremiah, it looks like Tony and Woo will vote with the pawns, Spencer, Jeremiah and Tasha, to get rid of LJ. Whose pieces will fall into place though?

As the contestants file into tribal I am, once again, left wondering just how long can Tony keep pulling all of the strings? WHen will they realise he needs to be voted out? Not yet, I hope!

Morgan is looking FINE over on the jury bench, and I think Sarah still smarts a little from her surprise dumping.

Play it cool, guys!

Play it cool, guys!

Tasha, LJ and Kass all play their Q&A round with Jeff with a calm, straight face, but Tony’s admission of bringing his ‘bag of tricks’ clearly has a few players squirming on their benches.

As the contestants go ahead and vote, the big question in my mind is, will Spencer pay his idol? Followed by, did Tony flip?

As Jeff collects the votes we all wait through his pregnant pause in anticipation but chess-master  Spencer keeps his cool and his idol stays safely tucked away. A pretty gutsy, but clever move, I think.

Jeremiah: There are hot guys and cute guys and I never trust hot guys.

Jeremiah: There are hot guys and cute guys and I never trust hot guys.

The first three votes go to LJ, who doesn’t seem overly fazed and  looks pretty confident and comfortable. The next vote goes to Spencer and we all assume he’ll also receive the last 2, but lo and behold, LJ receives his 4th and 5th vote, removing him from the game.  Trish and Jefra are shocked and I think this move will really stir up the hornet’s nest for Tony. It was a bold move by him (and less so by Woo) but unnecessarily early, I think, as his whole alliance were happy to sit tight and ride out the rest of the votes as a solid group.

See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya...

See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya…

Ultimately, I think, this move has damaged Tony’s game and his likelihood to receive votes should he make it to the finale. He rocked the boat when everyone else was happy to play nice and follow his every direction. So what’s my prediction for next week?

– addled by hunger and sleep deprivation, Tony converts the Spy Shack into the Love Shack  and attempts to woo Jefra

– Woo tries to placate everyone and ease tension by doing cartoon character impressions around the campfire at night, instead he accidentally falls into the fire and burns all of his hair off.

– Jeremiah discovers the ‘special power’ idol and finally plays a significant role in the game.