So long Tasha. It is hard to know whether she tried hard enough to shake things up out there or the producers are only showing us what we need to see (apparently before Jefra got booted she found a clue to an idol in the cookie bowl… we never knew!).

Winners everywhere, losers everywhere. Here we go!


1. Tony, Trish, Spencer and Woo

They all have a crack at the million now. A deserving 4 too. You could argue that Tasha is the only other castaway that deserves a shot at the million. In a topsy turvy season it strangely seems fair.

Should we practice our opening statements yet?

Should we practice our opening statements yet?

2. Trish

She looked gone for all money. I get that Woo didn’t flip (why give up 3rd for 4th spot?) but I was surprised Kass didn’t even try force a tie at the very least. Massive win for Trish, from certain elimination to having a genuine shot at it.

Cheapo Deapo, I escaped the Booto!

Cheapo Deapo, I escaped the Booto!

3. Woo

He has a lot of power currently. He really is the swing vote now, a good place to be in but also a difficult place to find yourself in.

4. Spencer (and Jeff)

He is an idiot… But what a time to pull out immunity! Spencer is the last bit of hope Jeff has left of some competition for Tony.

Crack that whip...

Crack that whip…

5. Tony’s mind reading credibility

Boy oh boy did he rip Woo to shreds in a few seconds. Saw right through him.

Squint. Vote out. Repeat.

Squint. Vote out. Repeat.


1. Kass

It has past being funny now. Absolutely useless. Wrong about Tony’s whispering and another wrong move at tribal. Big moves win the game, not emotional ones.

2. Spencer

Things just don’t go his way do they. Lost Tasha and another chance to even the ledger.

3. Woo and Kass

Lost a vote from Tasha. Starting to think that Woo might not have many friends on the jury now, which is strange for such a nice guy.

Final 2?

Final 2?

4. The viewers

This really should have been a tribal for the ages…

5. The viewers x 2

There are only 2 weeks left! What a season it has been so far.


Episode 10 – Winners and Losers

This week’s winners are:

Sand. Sand! SAND!!!

Sand. Sand! SAND!!!

Slow motion sand, it is nice to see you finally getting your day in the sun! I feel like a lot has been going on so presumably the editors had plenty of footage to work with so why all of the slow motion shots of sand being whipped around during the balls-y immunity challenge?

Ice, Ice, Baby

Ice, Ice, Baby

Tasha’s attractive concentration face. Well done, honey.

Catch you later, pearly whites!

Catch you later, pearly whites!

Dentists of America. How white are all of the toothy-toothy teeth?! And after so long sans dental hygiene. Dental workers of the US, I salute you.




The tender love between one man and some barbecue ribs. All of these faces almost make me forget that awkward guacamole gaff.

On to loserville:

Talk sweet to me, baby.

Talk sweet to me, baby.

Cussin, we don’t want none of that. Tony’s staid reaction of, “oh my goodness, a clue to ANOTHER idol” was very low key. I guess they just edit around the bad language?









Spencer’s awkward expressions, why? Surely he’s seen photos of himself before? You’re an okay-looking dude, so just have a quiet word with Tasha already and figure your best side.

Episode 9: Winners & Losers


Product placement

Finally we can confess that what seemed like an innocent fan-blog is actually a corporate-run sponsor of the show. How else would you explain this tasteless advertising?


The Magic Mirror

“Who’s the fairest of them all?” just got a whole lot easier to answer.


Fortunately Jefra has her pageant winning face all worked out.

Me? I am the most beautiful member of the most beautiful tribe? Little Jefra? Why, I can't hardly believe it.

Me? I am the most beautiful member of the most beautiful tribe? Little Jefra? Why, I can’t hardly believe it.



Tony’s first special friend

That old thing he wasted on LJ? Totally forgotten. Tony has a brand new love.

Of course, baby, I swear it, I've never felt this way before...

Of course, baby, I swear it, I’ve never felt this way before…

I call conspiracy on Tony finding this idol by digging randomly in the dirt. I suspect producer shenanigans.

Woo’s new catchphrase

I’ve been keeping an eye on social media this week, and this one really hasn’t taken off yet.



Bonus Winner

Worth Playing For contributor and Survivor Scholar, Ev, for correctly predicting the idol powers. Good job. I had really hoped it would be something a bit more exciting but you have demonstrated your exemplary knowledge of the game.

Episode 8 – Winners & Losers

Favourite Rum Beverage at the Beach


Winner – Red Drank


Loser – Orange Drank

The Beach Fashionistas – Who wore it Best?


Winner – Tony


Loser – Spencer

Finally a Beauty Challenge!  Strike a water pose!


Winner – LJ


Loser – Jeremiah

Seriously though, The Winners & Loser of this week


Winners: Spencer, “Tasha” and Jeremiah

As Spencer put it, these 3 have been gifted a second chance at the million care of Tony.  I am sure that Tony has scheming plans that see well beyond this point, but as an audience member, it appears to me as a misstep.  I agree with Kass in thinking that Tony’s move to flip on his alliance of 6 was made too early.  However, I have no doubt that he’s played out many scenarios in his head and he’s decided that this course is his best shot to become sole survivor.

loser - lj draper

Loser – LJ

LJ is the obvious choice for me, as he’s been freshly voted out of the game.  I feel for the guy. His misplaced trust in Tony led to his earlydemise, and he had a long way to fall.  I felt that he had an understated position in the game that could have netted him the big prize.  Aw well, I’m sure that he will land on his feet.  After all, he’s not a bad looking guy or anything.  He’s looks sort of a like a not-so-poor-man’s Don Draper to me.  Hell, he even won this week’s pose-off.  Alright, I’ve finished feeling sorry for the bastard.


A combined effort this week between Katie and Evo.



  1. Tony’s pillow talk

Referring to Morgan as ‘pillow or person’, best line of the season so far!


  1. Woo aka Ninja

Incredibly switched on this episode. Ninja stealth mode meets Sonic the Hedgehog… almost pulled off the unthinkable.


  1. Spencer’s decision of seating

Funny how the underdog stumbled across the clue. Regardless, top job on finding the idol after his brain fade.


  1. Morgan

Her tribal council confession was just pathetic. Good riddance.


  1. Spencer

Individual immunity and an idol no one knows he has. Trish basically blurts out that they are voting out Morgan… What does Spencer do? Sits on his idol. Another number gone in his alliance. Big moves win the game. Why not approach Kass earlier and say ‘I have the idol, let’s turn this game on its head’ or even give his immunity necklace away at the start of tribal to get some heads spinning?


  1. NuSolana alliance

Was Morgan the best vote? I feel the longer the Brains members stick around the greater the chance for Kass to flip back.



We are ranking under the proviso of ‘who is most likely’ to be sitting in front of the jury come the finale…

  1. LJ

The forgotten man. In a very good place due to the fact that no one is targeting him.


  1. Jefra

If LJ is at the end, she will be sitting next to him.


  1. Trish

Has made some bold moves and has established a solid core alliance.


  1. Tony

Should win, but surely he can’t? He is already being targeted and his tribe mates don’t even know half of what he has been able to achieve.


  1. Woo

Dropped from last week due to the fact his ‘ninja stealth mode’ highlighted his cunningness. Plus, at the pointy end, would you want to sit next to the smiling assassin?


  1. Kass

Could very well have a chance to plead a case to the jury. Will just depend on when she flips again (there is no doubt about her flipping again as it is her only way to be dragged to the end)


  1. Spencer

Well, well, well, if it isn’t Mr Napkin… The idol will buy him a week, however he does come across as the type who could be sent packing without playing it.


  1. Tasha

Disappointing to see her game come to a grinding halt. Needs to get moving, with a bit of luck (or ‘chaos’) she could slug it out a bit longer.


  1. Jeremiah

Put a cowboy hat on him and he could pass for Rick of South Pacific’s son. Outofmind. Outofsight. Outofgame.



The viewers – How lucky are we? What a tribal! Highs and lows, twists and turns, flips and flops! After a few slow episodes, this one was action-packed and hit all the right notes for this Survivor-holic. My personal highlights include the merge feast (what a glorious cornucopia of delicious treats!) and Woo working his way out of the woodwork by claiming the inaugural individual immunity win!

Woohoo for Woo!

Woohoo for Woo!

The idols – Finally they have emerged out of rucksacks and pockets. Let’s all take a moment to thank the little fellas… without them all of the theatre would have been sucked out of tribal. Idols often only exist in the game as a potential threat, fear alone being enough of a deterrent, so it was pretty exciting to see not one, but two idols played. Obviously a gut move by both Tony and LJ and a smart one, I think, to cement trust between these two head honchos.

Fear me, minions!

Fear me, minions!

The Tony – Yes , so his idol play didn’t really achieve anything (in fairness, ‘the other one’ did sound like it meant LJ) but he did take the focus off of himself and each moment of the episode he was one step ahead of the NuAparri tribe. Tony is a chameleon who continues to be one of the most flexible and influential players, maybe ever, and every episode he stays in the game ensures an entertaining week’s viewing ahead.



The indecision – Oh Sarah! Sarah’s inability to make a decision early cost her her spot in the game. Here’s how she should have played it: 1) Just agree with Kass, 2) Just agree with Tony and 3)Make up your mind and wield your power vote, Sarah! One could argue that she is one of the worst players this season. Gullible and indecisive = one way ticket to Ponderosa.

Sarah's cops no idea.

Sarah’s cops no idea.

The emotion – Whether it was Tony exuberantly clapping upon Sarah’s demise, Tasha not considering Kass’ feelings or Chaos Kass herself flipping due to a damaged ego… emotion can severely hinder ones aspirations of being crowned the sole Survivor. This episode we saw too many players making emotional decisions that could very well have massive implications in the coming weeks.

The Kass – Whatever way you frame it, flipping at this stage and in the manner Kass did ensures that you do not win. It made for great TV but it wasn’t the best move at that moment. Kass needs to take a horse-sized chill pill and compare notes with Spencer on how to be at least moderately likeable.

Come over to the dark side...

Come over to the dark side…


Episode 5: Winners & Losers


1. Me.



Guys, this episode bummed me out big time. What a downer. Not only do I hate to see people quit, I also dislike meanness and conflict of any kind (I know, I could be watching the wrong show but true love knows no logic). And then Alexis at the end? Ow, my heart. No sarcasm whatsoever, I really felt for her. She just seemed so shocked and heart. Poor dear. Can’t we all just get along and be happy?

2. Dignity and good sportsmanship.


We all assume this is Tricia’s handy-work, yes? For god’s sake, woman, you WON, she quit. Have some class. Save this attitude for the end of season reunion.


1. The truth.

Guys, I was just kidding about working in construction. I'm actually a cop. Don't you feel safer knowing that?

Guys, I was just kidding about working in construction. I’m actually a cop. Don’t you feel safer knowing that?


And don’t forget he’s fessed up that he was also going to lie about having a son, just so he could swear on his fictional son’s life. But not anymore. Tony has turned over a new honest leaf due to warm mushy feelings for his new tribe-mates. How could you disbelieve a face like that?

2. Morgan’s beautiful, beautiful face.


I swear you could cut out everything in this season except Morgan’s reactions to things and it would still be prime viewing. She kills me. Girlfriend, roll those eyes any harder and you’ll do yourself an injury. And watch where you flash those pearly whites, it’s like staring at the sun.