Episode 1 – Player ranking

At this stage of the game I’m going to break down my player rankings by tribe. Until the tribes are consolidating a little, I think we’re seeing people jostling for position within their tribe rather than whole game moves. My fellow observers might choose to do things differently, that’s just how we fly around here.


  1. Sarah
  2. Cliff
  3. Trisha
  4. Woo
  5. Tony
  6. Lindsey

I might regret making this call but I really think Sarah is a good player. I was a little worried she might have stuck her head up a bit too high this early in the game but I think she’s shown that she’s strong in challenges, obviously has good intuition (Tony, what the hell game are you playing?), and is playing a decent social game.

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Episode 1 – Too Brain, Too Furious

In Jeff we trust.

A week ago I tweeted the messiah himself… Jeff Probst.

Sage advice...

Sage advice…

I and my fellow bloggers will heed his call and deliver our own point of views, so strap yourselves in Survivor fans, here comes an unashamedly biased recap.

In a blink of an eye the clouds part and the contestants enter on different modes of transport. Welcome to…

Truck (Brawn) vs Chopper (Brains) vs Boat (Beauty)

Cue Jeff standing atop a mountain and the familiar music that makes me want to fist pump the air! Heeeeeeyyyyy dee haaa di haaa di haaa de!

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Ladies and gentlemen, members of the Cult of Jeff Probst, followers of the Boston Rob Rulebook, believers in the beauty of Malcolm and Parvati, welcome to Worth Playing For. The haphazard, international Survivor think-tank.

We’re here to be your guides to the latest season of Survivor, to entertain ourselves, and to squeeze just a little bit more joy from the show that just keeps on keeping on.

This week we’ll be introducing ourselves, letting you know how things work around here, and making our wildly uninformed predictions for this season. I think it’s going to be a good one. Feel free to comment, share, and tweet us @WorthPlaying4.

Cannot. Wait.