Episode 8 & 9: Beauty and the Challenge Beast

Let’s not beat around the bush, when the double episode comes along in Survivor you know that you aren’t going to get much! This double trouble did not disappoint, not much happened so we decided to have a look at the remaining Survivors and give them an appraisal.

hali boot.gif


Before we do that though here are some quick fire takeaways:

  • Cirie got what she wanted by keeping Michaela around.
  • Tai defeated Ozzy in the hang from a pole forever challenge, something Ozzy has made his own.
  • Debbie wasted her extra vote advantage.
  • So we say goodbye to two competitiors that couldn’t be anymore different. The reserved non-game player Hali and the swashbuckiling Survivor challenge beast Ozzy.
  • Ozzy did what he always does, overrates his security in the game, dominates challenges, provides for his tribe and is ultimately blindsided.
  • Hali did what she did last time. Nothing. What a waste of a spot this season. Would have rather seen the rock that Francesqwwwwaaaa ended up eating after Caramoan compete!
ozzy boot.jpg

Challenge Beast

Craig’s Survivor Breakdowns

Queen Cirie


Jedi Master

Here comes my queen. So to sit there and have ALOT of peeps say that they couldnt let my Queen make the merge and then let her! NOW YOU KNOW look at her just go. Yes she may be a little forward in this game with some play but otherwise her subtletee and making the moves to help herself just show you why she is here. To take Michaela away and have there chat. Billiant. ALSO if you listen, she speaks in “General” terms, tries to stay with the speech of “THEM AND US” without putting her foot in her mouth with names. She is still a target but has managed to get people to want her with them EVEN OZZY. Now to turn around and say “you know what, im not going with their vote out” is a game changer, and then to make it happen whilst letting the others think she is still on board. AND THEN to get Zeke to suss her thoughts out himself and make him skeptical, oww she is good. No one knows that Cirie was the one to change the plan – YES GAGA YESSS.

Sierra Dawn Thomas

sierra brows.jpg

Hali and Sierra in their final moments together

Um, yes Sierra Dawn Thomas is in a power position, but i see her playing like a high school chick. She states “She is not dumb” but walks around as if she is in charge and then also acts skitterish and freaked. Its stated that she is in control of culpepper but i see it the other way around. some may even say she is viewed in the worse position because if you need to cut off the head of the viewed snake………”Im the one in charge” “I love having control” ppppffftttt FORESHADOW MUCH wake up girl FFS. I cant wait to see, and hope, she is snuffed to see her break down in tears and wonder where it all went wrong. Dont ruin my dreams Game Changers. PS How does that Bitch still have full purple nail polish on? It seams she can come up with these plans but has no back ups off like 2 moves, YEAH SERIFF YEAHHHH.


debbie dog.jpg

Next week on Exile…

Playing wacko is Debbies brilliance. People view her as to crazy and weird to know what she is doing. Yet she pulls out the Ozzy BOOM. PS Told you he would be an early vote and im having flash backs to Micronesia with that look and “You are all going to fail” look with his walk out. She has not been targeted as yet, but i can see her being in focus now if the whole Ozzy target comes out. Debbie looks in a good position at this time and i believe will be taken out as a “Numbers” extra vote and to not target a main threat rather than a “We need to take out Debbie” as a threat. But brilliant move for Debbie to go Ozzy, yes maybe now we are seeing the Kho Rhong debbie and the persona we saw that got her voted out, but this shows how quirky debbie can play, make moves and do what she wants to make the game go her way.


zeke shirt.jpg

Varner and Zeke in happier times

Now with a great story leaves him in a bad position in the talk of Final stories. I dont think that would come into it as he would be recognised as a great player. He is not affraid to ask the questions well, suss stuff out, and make his own moves. Watching Zeke you can see why he was asked back. He is great. PS His confessionals are great. I believe he is in a good position. He is a target however in a game like this, there is still some crazy targets about before people get to Zeke. However now he has thrown Andrea and Cirie out there, Manly Andrea, the target is getting aimed at. I see he playing social silly moves. Dont go and talk to peeps and give your loyalty and then blaintelntly go out there and throw someone under the bus. He is playing both sides HARDCORE and maybe a little to hardcore. This shows when he approaches SDT and she is shady about it and then spreads the word. CALM DOWN ZEKE.
I am just loving how this season is going, and that everyone is making alliances but keeping lines open and pretty much making decisions for their own game. So you never can tell whats going on. Ps Ozzy. Walking out as Cocky as ever. Honestly. Hands down a great player, but its like he walks in and thinks its in the bag. We saw that in the Immunity challenge where he thought it was his……..then came along golden Budda

Evo Survivor Breakdowns


tai buddha.jpg

Glorious Tai

I love Tai. I love his enthusiasm, mistakes and triumphs. This gorgeous malnuritosed Buddha still has two idols! Fasicinated to see when he plays them, I cretaintly hope he does. Can he win? I hope he does but the reality of the edit suggests he falls short. Terrific to see Tai and Brad reunite and give up food to strategise, major respect for that!


brad maried.jpg


The edit is screaming at us a few things in relation to Brad Culpepper. 1) he is a changed man and 2) he will certainly finish in the top 2. I am interested to see how things play out here for Brad. He is doing a good job at solidifying numbers and the lower the numbers get the better he looks as there are still some more strategic threats to get rid of before WWMD.


michaela drink.png

Dat cup

Saved by Cirie. Would love to see her go on an immunity run or make a move to dethrone some others on her way out. No chance at winning sadly, great competitior and I have enjoyed her mother/daughter bonding sessions with Cirie.


sarah smooth.jpg

Sarah leaning from alliance to alliance

The Un-Smooth Criminal is getting a stack of confessionals now even though she just whinges in all of them. Why? I will tell you why, she must go far! I am still waiting for something to happen. Could she be the person who befriends the minority and ends up getting their votes at the end? Also shown crying like Brad. Final 3 written all over her.


troyzan close.jpg

No words needed

Insert goat noise. Please play the idol Troyzan, do something. Please.


andrea atf.gif

You know another blindside is coming

Andrea wants to make a move but has somehow found herself at the bottom of the power structures. She needs to do something drastic and quickly.


aubry hair.jpg

Aubry’s hair represents her current standing… a mess

Getting more and more narrator responsibilities as the episodes roll on. Can she win? I don’t think so. Will she shape how it all plays out? Absolutely. Aubry comes across as a genuine person who wants to live every moment.

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