Episode: FINALE

Evo Confession

After a small hiatus during some lacklustre episodes we find ourselves at a finale with 6 still in the game! Cirie and Aubry are the only players without an idol or advantage, that will be tough to circumvent. Craig, Phoebe and I take a look at the Survivor landscape before the FINALE… Enjoy!

Evo’s Final 3 – Sarah, Culpepper and Troyzan. Been on this since Episode 3. Edit is screaming this. Of late we have seen Sarah as a strategist and Culpepper as a fighter who is losing love from his fellow contestants. Troyzan is the GOAT.

Cirie – I love Cirie. Her balance beam HERO moment was amazing. I would be ecstatic to see her win, but there’s is more chance of Probst wearing a mankini to the final tribal than her winning. Biggest threat to win from a social and emotional stand point.

Aubry – Edit hasn’t been great. Always on the outs with the vote, can’t see her getting to the end, might be an easy out when everyone is stressing about just getting to that final 4 spot. She also doesn’t have an idol or advantage.

Tai – Secretly hope he goes full buddha mode and wins every immunity from here on out…. but… I can see him making an emotional mistake. Brad has threatened in confessionals to ditch him when needed. Ominous. Two idols guarantees this beautiful human a top 4 spot… unless he gets a bit freaky with his idol plays.

Troyzan – Has done well to lay low, having said that what has he really offered? Can’t win, no combination results in him taking it out.

Culpepper – Dominated the pre-merge, since then has been a target for all. This can work in his favour but the edit suggest’s he is rubbing people up the wrong way. Alpha males winning Survivor… doesn’t happen often. Nice growth throughout, he will WWMD his way to a runner up spot.

Sarah – Well well well, here we are. Don’t think it has been an amazing effort and for the life of me I can’t believe she hasn’t been ousted due to her plays so far… however, the legacy advantage means she is safe until the 5. The edit has been screaming to us her win. Crying over the Zeke/Varner blow up. Spotting advantages others couldn’t see. Outsmarting Cirie for Probst sake! Who does that? Criminal not Cop line. Will be staggered if she doesn’t win purely on edit.

LAST THING – A season that deserves an amazing finale. Oh how I wish Tony and Sandra stuck together, could easily be sitting at the end together right now. Culpepper and Sarah have shown the most growth since previous seasons, that’s why I believe that’s our top 2.

Craig Confession

Can I just say, I am loving one of the biggest Game Changers this season – TRIBAL! The scrambling and whispering, STANDING UP AND MOVING, it’s how a tribal should be and I am so happy it now looks like it will become another evolution of the game.

2nd, in her 4 seasons Cirie has never slipped up before, and it was “Not reading the fine print” Why didn’t she? UM BECAUSE she was too busy setting up some amazing moves. Still think she screwed up? Ok, because after all that to still walk away with no votes against her…………..MMMhmmmmm

Why did Sarah take out Michaela? Well most likely to take out Ciries right hand woman and “Force” her move of taking her to the end (if Sarah knew) and also saving Tai and remaining in his good books.

What is with Cirie’s random votes? She sets up the vote, and then doesn’t vote with her voting bloc. It seems to work as she never manages to get a vote and ever really seems to have the target on her. Is that the plan? To look as if you don’t know what is going on? Or simply to not be viewed as voting out the jury?

I know that EVO disagrees with me on this as his Final 3 are Troyzan, Culpepper and Sarah, due to his foreseen edit predictions form EP 3 onwards. But I disagree. Never trust the edit, and this season the edit has been TOO obvious, so in my opinion they are setting it up so the audience believe they know what is going on and then deliver some season final SHOCKERS. Imaging the uproar when Culpepper and Sarah are taken out at 5th and 4th. I still believe that Sarah is taken out due to her extensive resume, however, with Ciries confessional last season that the Jury would be bitter towards her makes me pause.

Craig’s Final 3 – Tai, Cirie and Aubry. Don’t ask me the mathematics. But that’s what I think. Maybe it’s my little go against the grain of the majority hahahahahaahahhhah

Troyzan – NO. weather he makes the end or not, there will be nothing for him but his own ability to state he can make 39 days……..somehow

Tai – With 2 idols under his belt, you can say that he should slip into the final 4 without worry. But I am unsure what his social moves have been to allow him the votes at the end to take the game.

Aubry – A constant player at the bottom, not really pissed off the Jury, can simply state she had no choice being on the bottom. Contender? Maybe. Could be a 2 time runner up.

Culpepper – Ok I admit he has the potential. People on the jury that would vote for him. It comes down to brads final speech in my books. He has a resume at simply dodging the vote when he has been a target for a long time. I believe it would work in Brads favour to allow Troyzan to be voted out without a hand in it as this would allow Troyzan to vote for him to win.

Sarah – Has played a brilliant game for a viewer perspective, and also as a player. However I do sit here and think of the other player’s perception on her. Are they going to reward a Game Changer? Or be bitter over her moves? Did we see some foreshadow with this last episode from Andrea stating “there are people here that be your best friend all day and then vote you out” I think it comes down to her speech and convincing the “Bad Taste” jurors to change there mind.

Cirie – What can I say! Final 6 and still not ONE vote against her, never won anything, started playing like a machine from the merge. One mistake was not reading the fine print, however, the outcome made Sarah look even more like a selfish little bitch compared to Cirie, who ended up looking amaze due to still not receiving a vote. I hope hope hope she makes the final 3. I ould LUV to see her final Speech to the Jury. I have my fingers crossed and believe she deserves it.

LAST THING – Question, ummm GAME CHANGERS. Does anyone think there will be one more random GAME CHANGE from Jeff in the last few days? Such as Final 4 face the Jury or a Final 2 not a final 3?

Episode 10: Smooth Criminal

Debbie thinks she is the best player to ever play. Sarah says that lines in the sand can get washed away by the shore… prophetic! Where Debbie thinks the line has been drawn in concrete. Stinks of foreshadowing that line, let’s see how it plays out.


Debbie making her line the sand as everyone else watches on

Eleven is an intriguing number. Stick to the six or get funky with the five.


Debbie trying to convince Culpepper to stay strong.

Craig Confession

So Debbie takes out Ozzy, and here comes the cockiness that we have seen before. Andrea being pissed at Zeke unleashes the beast. She has been quite for most of the game so far. But being targeted has lit the fire. YES GIRL. I am loving Sarah’s approach to playing where she wants, no lines in the sand, and voting for her own game. Not sticking to numbers and “Being comfortable”.


Teams will be split in five… umm but Jeffy boy that’ll mean someone misses out you sadistic genius! Michaela draws the short straw, staggered by this, she is a challenge beast. Don’t feel too sorry for her though as underneath her sit out seat is A SECRET ADVANTAGE, it even has that written all over it. Surely she picks it up?


You said it Michaela!

Cirie is competing in a water challenge so we all know her team will lose. What happens throughout though is compelling viewing. She just can’t get it done, Sarah after chastising her swims out to help her finish, then when they lose by a landslide the whole tribe swims out! Never underestimate that people do actually care for each other out there, despite the cutthroat nature. Jeff gives Cirie the opportunity of finishing the balance beam even though it’s all over.

10cirie balance beam.jpg

One small step for Cirie, one giant leap for Survivor kind…

She does! Completing the challenge and almost leading me to tears! Almost!


Me on the couch watching Cirie

As they go to board a boat out Michaela leaves without noticing the advantage, Sarah does because she is a cop… because no one else could possibly see an item that has in bold writing on it SECRET ADVANTAGE. I think they should have had written on it OBVIOUS ADVANTAGE or GET THE OUTSIDER THAT NO ONE LIKES BACK IN THE GAME ADVANTAGE . However, Super Cop or Shady Criminal Sarah gets it. Well done! Winner edit screaming at us now.


“I’m a Cop you idiot!” – Sarah in her confessional

Craig Confession

OK The reward. HAAHAHAHHAHAH Michaela u silly bitch. Luv her sass, but cleary it played againts her this time. To pissed and bitchy to pick up that Secret Advantage. If she never found out about it, i believe her face during this episode would be priceless. Even putting her shoes on right beside it. AND to not notice Sarah swimming over. WTF

THEN SARAH! How she got around the not getting in the boat and swimming over and grabbing the advantage without anyone questioning or noticing? Luv it.

Much luv for my Queen Cirie, never been a challenge beast. Very heart felt moment. LUV. She is the social player and to go from a target in the beginning to not be on anyones radar. She is getting a great amount of screen time now. I hope its not due to an upcoming, possibly big blindside. Im hoping its going to be more towards someones decision about her and their battle due to what we have seen in their decision.


Sarah unwraps her advantage, steal a vote from another player. Wow they are really going for it this season with idols and advantages.


Lying, Cheating, Vote Stealing

Craig Confession

Secret Advantages. Attention to detail Sarah? Ok, pretty sure if anyone looked at Michaela’s platform properly you would have noticed that massive bloody wrapped up gift.

And here comes the Cockiness. The belief that a game is going to go how you want when your? Half way. You are playing with returnees, who wont go lightly or without a fight. Well maybe Hali. But if you think these people wont turn around and fight the majority? PALLEEAASSEEE. Sierra Dawn Thomas and Culpepper, im looking at you.

You get cocky, you make mistakes. Why loose the social aspect of the game? Debbie you suck at this. At least SDT Does her bitching behind backs and doesnt walk up and piss down peoples legs. Honestly, Cockiness for me is a beeline for – Bye bitch bye.

Well this really is a “Sarah” episode isn’t it. She can go both ways and I have no idea what she is going to do.


I always describe this challenge as the ropey dopey balance word stacker competition. Contestants have to spell immunity with building blocks whilst holding a rope that keeps the blocks steady. The catch is getting the blocks from one side to the other and not tipping the apple cart. Andrea takes an early lead, Tai surprisingly sucks, Ozzy is in Ponderosa having a psychic fit knowing he’d dominate this and out of nowhere TROYZAN WINS IMMUNITY!


Easy Chewie


It’s a simple equation but I have no idea what the hell is going on for some reason, well done editors. Is Sierra going? Is Debbie going? Is Michaela going? Will Sarah flip like she did in Cagayan?


Come to the Dark Side


At tribal it appears as if it is a foregone conclusion that the strong 6 will stick together a vote out Andrea or Michaeala. Troyzan finally makes sense, just get to six then turn on each other. I actually agree with him, flipping now seems silly considering if the six of Sierra, Brad, Tai, Troyzan, Debbie and Sarah get to the end there will be cracks everywhere to expose. Then Debbie starts talking how it is soooooo straight forward the vote and Sarah does a horrendous acting job backing her up. Uh oh. Debbie… like a horror film I am screaming LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!


The audience watching Debbie blissfully unaware of what is transpiring around her

Votes are read… Debbie is toast. Culpepper is confused. Sarah has gone bang bang and still has her vote stealing advantage up her sleeve.


TV Gold. Thanks for the ride.

Craig Confession

BOOM YES – Bye Debbie. Thank gosh. Luv her, but as a fan, episode went the way i wanted. And the look on Culpepper and Sierra Dawn Thomas faces HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH “omg whhaattt? how could that happen? we were amazing? i dont understand? we had it in the bag! hahhahahahahahahahahahahaha

PS Everyone else just played their roles perfectly, giving nothing away and going the majority.

How to waste an advantage…

Take a look back to this game changing advantage that Debbie had and ultimately wasted due to her ego.