Episode 5: Sugar Wars – The Empire Strikes Back

An uneventful episode where the biggest applause must go to the editors. Due to the dull nature of this one we are going to spend more time going over how the players are fairing after the recap!


Debbie goes ape shit crazy over WWMD’s leadership. I am completely and utterly confused over this sudden flip out, as is everyone on the island.

debbie mad.png

Tai and Debbie argue over how many real professions she has had

Tai, the only person seemingly waiting to play looks for another idol and snags a clue! He stashes in his shoe and vows to search later. Go you little bald malnourished Buddha of greatness!

tai idol.gif

Give this man a medal!

Craig Confession

DEBBIE BWHAHAHAHHAHAAHAH Omg here comes the Crazy lady. PRAISE JESUS. “I was a gymnast for 10 years”, her push ups, and her demonic face. OMG and then to point out how she thinks Hali sucks. It takes balls to lose your cool in survivor due to the possible repercussions, but God it’s great.

Culpepper. Well well well, is this some of the Dominant Brad taking over as we have seen in his previous game? It does seem like he likes to be in charge and frankly it looks like everyone is simply allowing him to do it, draws the target to his back not theirs.


Sandra is painted out to be some superhuman manipulator by eating all of Nuku’s sugar and blaming it on Michaela. All as a ruse to cause disharmony between JT and everyone else. NEWSFLASH he has always on the bottom! The major focus on Sandra’s game can only mean she doesn’t make the merge, giving us all the highlights before her boot.

jt sugar.jpg

JT guarding his sugar

JT knowing he is toast looks for and FINDS the idol! Go JT! He says to the camera that the idol will keep him in the game, let’s hope.


Wise words


At Tavua they just keep rolling along, Sarah blabs on again about being a criminal this time around, so she does what all good criminals would do and tries to team up with another idiot… enter Troyzan!

sarah and troy.jpg

Sarah and Troyzan… The Sandy Bandits


Similar to the reward challenge Debbie yaps on for the entire challenge about how awesome she is, this time though she abuses her fellow tribe mates with passive aggressiveness… hang on, what’s the opposite of passive? Let’s just say she is OVERTLY aggressive! Insane.


Culpepper reflects on his approach to Debbie…

In a tight finish Mana gets over the line first and it’s down to JT and Ozzy to fight it out. Ozzy narrowly defeats JT in the familiar game of catapult a bag into a series of wooden bobo dolls.


Heading into tribal there isn’t much to think about, and as usual, the non challenge beasts in Sandra and Varner are making all the decisions! It’s either Michaela or JT, more to the matter I can’t see how JT isn’t voted for, it’s all leading up to that one nail biting question… will JT plays his idol?


JT has his mind solely on the sugar crisis!


Tribal is about as invigorating as an Enya album, not even Jeff can make this interesting. JT appears to believe that Michaela is going home and everyone bar Aubry appears to know what is going on.


Don’t let this faces fool you, they can’t stand Enya

Prompted by Probst (what a great band name that would be?) JT choses… NOT TO PLAY HIS IDOL. Dear Probst he is a goner. The votes are cast, Michaela receives 2, JT gets the majority of 3. Surprisingly, Sandra admits to eating the sugar, will her ego come back to bite her? Sandra struck back this week, not happy with JT’s movement with Brad.


Bitter sweet

Hats off to JT for coming back and changing his style of play. Ironically the lack of nous in idol play was his demise again. He will be missed.


With 15 Survivors left we take a look at each tribe before the upcoming swap. Which leads to a few interesting question; Will it be two tribes or three? Are they brining back Exile Island and who the hell is this returning player the promo speaks of?

TAVUA – Craig Confession

Another episode where we don’t really see much from Tavua. Why? Well obviously as they keep winning there is more pressing matters of the other tribes scrambling. Personally I am loving Tavua’s winning streak. It keeps my Favs away from the potential chopping block. 5 People who are yet to go to tribal Council by day 15 and they are all in Tavua, so some might say the game hasn’t fully begun for Tavua yet, and that can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Very little form the Tavua tribe this week as focus was all over Sugagate, but here we go.


I haven’t seen much from Andrea, besides an exchange with Troyzan, a narrative confessional and the GASP that Malcom went. That’s the downside of a winning team to the viewers, you don’t get to see them. Performed great in the challenge. Andrea looks to be doing a little bit of going under the radar. I think she is a lot calmer than Caramoan, where early on she started to go all paranoid. Maybe that is to come once she starts having to go to Tribal, or maybe she has learnt from past mistakes. I feel like I am waiting for a Spider to pounce, or the Cat about to swat a play toy.


Still eeehhhhh! But with his Idol Troyzan is going to be set up for a little while at least, well if he is smart enough to use it when required. I don’t however see him pulling a Tai and giving it to someone else. Still on the outs and viewed that way by the rest of his tribe, I believe Sarah is simply using him for his ties on the other tribes for the merge.


“This time I am playing like a Criminal” Sarah keeps going on and on about her new “Criminal” way of playing. Is she trying to justify to herself that it’s ok to play dirty? Besides approaching Troyzan to work with him, and pretty much threatening him, Sarah is simply lucky to be on a winning tribe.

sarah control.jpg

Sarah holds her own fate in her shifty criminal like hands


Zeke hasn’t required to start hardcore playing yet. Simply laying foundations and getting prepared. Still in a good position as he is not viewed as a threat and there are larger targets around him. I like the position Zeke is in.


Dominating in challenges as expected which is keeping Tavua winning rewards and away from Tribal Council. I still think Ozzy will be gone early Merge and only is around due to his team challenge prowess. His old ally JT is gone, so he will have to re-group his numbers. I think Ozzy’s only option is to be a “Shield” which is obviously not his choice, or team up with the likes of Culpepper to help defend the physical threat aspect.


Thank gosh for the winning streak, my Queen is still in the game. It looks like the Ozzy and Cirie past game has dwindled a little, or we simply have not seen it. Cirie is going to be very happy that JT has left the game, however with JT Being the first former Nuku tribe member to go, My Queen still has people left in the game that didn’t want to play with her, lets hope new tribe dynamics helps this, I mean it looks like Debbie would happily come back and work with her. I would love to see some interaction between Sandra and Cirie. Still in hot water, I just hope her luck holds out for at least a few more weeks.

MANA – Evo Confession


WWMD is currently dominating. Winning challenges. Forming strong alliances. In charge of every vote. Give this man his ticket to the final three now. Ride his coat tails people!


Buffs off to Tai. He is playing hard and as opposed to Tony, trying to keep it under wraps. Can Tai win this season? Probably not unless he gets close enough to go on a challenge run. Likely to make it far if he keeps his hustle up.


Safe as houses at current. The swap could mean things get a bit dicey for her as she is in that awkward spot of ‘not doing much, not a threat so let’s throw the votes at her to hurt Brad’s game’.


Yawn. Watch her ruin someone’s game come merge time.


Poor Debbie is struggling mentally out there, her days are numbered if her approach doesn’t change.

debbie nutes.gif

Lobster breeding is very common

NUKU – Evo Confession


The highlights reel keeps on keeping on. Now that she has removed the last remaining previous winner in JT (surely a bucket list for her heading in) will she look to take out runner ups? Sandra’s a tough one, her ego is what fuels her game but, after three seasons it is bound to be her dowfnfall. Not many Survivors are allowed to ‘break the fourth wall’ in the final edit, but when Sandra looked at the camera dead in the eye during ‘sugargate’ I felt her days are numbered. Enjoy the ride whilst it lasts viewers.


*Cue ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Theme Song


Has blood on his hands but no one has seen it. Narrating the season and enjoying the big moves like we all are at home. Can he finally make the merge? Will he start playing his game? Let’s hope so.


Challenge beast. I don’t think she will like the fact that Sandra played JT off against her with the sugar fiasco and look to be her own person come the swap. She needs to shelve her attitude as even she knows it will lead to a torch snuffing.


If anyone needs the tribe swap it is Aubry, she has been on the bottom and out of the loop since day one and needs a fresh start. She’s too smart to not make the most of a second chance. Get moving Aubry!

Goodbye JT…

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